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Why Is My Outdoor AC Fan not Working

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25 Nov 2019
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Who doesn’t love the comfort an air conditioner offers? Enjoying cool air amidst hot summer months is a perk in itself. However, a malfunctioning AC unit can keep you from this exclusive perk and you may need a professional air conditioner service to take care of the issue. Still, certain issues you can fix on your own. For instance, if your outdoor unit’s fan isn’t working, you may perform certain checks and fix the problem. Let’s find out how.

Issues with an outdoor AC unit’s fan and how to fix them

When an AC unit goes out during summer months, it’s a big deal. While wait is always there in the form of a reliable air conditioner service, you may check your unit for minor glitches and resolve the issue on your own. If your outdoor unit’s fan doesn’t run, check out this handy guide for simple issues and fortify them quickly.

  • Capacitor problem

A capacitor stores energy to power your AC’s fans. However, your capacitor may malfunction for certain reasons and stop working, which will keep the fan from spinning. If this is the case, replacing the capacitor will resolve the problem.

  • Contactor issues

An AC contactor is essentially an electrical switch. It controls the condenser fan motor and compressor. Over time, something may go wrong with the contactor. Perhaps, harsh weather has damaged the contactor. Maybe, the contactor has worn-out due to usage. Any such problem with the contactor will keep the fan from working. Fortifying the issue through a reliable air conditioning service should fix the problem.

  • A Broken or loose belt

Older AC systems have belt-powered fans. If you’ve this kind of system, you could face one particular issue in case your unit’s fan isn’t working. Sometimes the belt of the fan may break or become loose. That will prevent the fan from spinning. However, such a belt takes a long time before it wears out. If there’s a problem with the belt, call a professional service for air conditioner repair and let them fix the issue.

  • Unit not receiving power

In some cases, your unit’s fan may not work due to a power problem. Certain AC parts may overheat and trip the circuit breaker, forcing the unit to shut down. You may flip back the switch at the circuit breaker to resolve the problem. However, if the issue repeats, call a professional to take a look into the matter.

  • Burnt-out motor

Fan motors sustain too much beating and could burn out when they endure too much stress. This is especially the case if you don’t take up air conditioner maintenance regularly. Depending on the age and condition of the unit, you may want to repair or replace the fan motor through a reliable professional.

Bottom line

Fixing complicated AC problems can be a major deal and needs professional attention. However, certain malfunctions and issues can be pursued on your own. When your outdoor unit’s fan poses problems, check out the above points. With a handy guide by your side, mending your unit becomes quick and easy. If the problem still persists, call Quick Air. Our experienced air conditioner service technician can easily handle any issue. Call us on 1300 730 896