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Workmanship and On-Time Guarantee

Workmanship Guarantee

We are committed to providing the best quality workmanship and the highest level of customer satisfaction. We have a great team of people sitting behind the phones to help you at all times and this is why we offer all of our customers a guarantee. This means that if you are dissatisfied with the quality of any of our services, we will schedule another convenient time to return and do everything we can to sort out the problem we were initially booked for. This guarantee does not cover new parts or additional work, but we stand by the work undertaken in our original scope and if you are not satisfied we will work very hard to fix this situation. Read our terms of trade for more details.

On-Time Guarantee

We know that your time is important and we never want to leave you waiting around. We are also committed to meeting your expectations. Barring an ‘act of God’ if we have not contacted you to inform you of the whereabouts of a late-running technician we will apply a full or partial credit to your account.

See our refund policy page for how our refunds work. We run a fair and reasonable refund policy approach. We know that this can be a grey area. We look after thousands of customers a year and they are fully satisfied with our support. But on rare occasions, particularly when there’s a run of hot or cold weather, everyone is stretched. We take the view that if you’re upset we want to make it right and will ask you how best we can do this and work with you to determine the cause and remedy and will make a partial or a full refund if necessary. The main thing is that we have happy and satisfied customers; it’s the very reason we’re in business.