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Vulcan Gas Heater service

Are you concerned about the maintenance of your installed Vulcan gas heaters? Or do you need any repair service for your Vulcan gas heaters?

Kudos! You have landed on the right page! QuickAir are experts in providing the Vulcan gas heater services. We deal with all kinds of installation, repair and other maintenance services at your doorstep.

Vulcan gas heaters are one of the pioneers of the gas heater industry. These heating units are now more than 20 years old. It means that these heaters are likely to have worn out due to their age and severe cold weather. But, if you still have one of these, we assure you, we will help you maintain the service and repair of the heaters.

Why hire QuickAir for the service and maintenance of your Vulcan gas heaters?

1. Licensed technicians:

At QuickAir, we have an expert team with properly trained and licensed technicians. These technicians are properly trained to cater all the problems of the Vulcan gas heaters.

2. Dedicated team:

We have a dedicated team for the installation, maintenance, and repair of your Vulcan gas heaters.

3. Fast and reliable service:

As the Vulcan gas heaters are a bit old now, these units might need service at any time. At QuickAir, we understand each and every detail of these heaters. So, the team works efficiently to repair and maintain the health of your heaters.

4. Detailed checkup of the gas heater:

Our team performs various routine checks, as well as the installation and any repair of your Vulcan gas heater.

5. Guaranteed service:

We guarantee you that we shall keep the unit functioning and will make sure your home or business stays safe and warm.

Services provided by QuickAir

Installation of Vulcan gas heaters:

Vulcan gas heaters are almost around 20 years old, but if your unit is working fine, then we can relocate it. We offer installation services with accuracy and precision. We are just a call away and work most of the hours in a day. So, installation of your unit is possible at any time of the day.

Maintenance of Vulcan gas heaters:

It is necessary to arrange for the maintenance of your Vulcan gas heaters; if they are aged. So, proper maintenance will keep them working longer. At QuickAir, we provide proper maintenance service for Vulcan gas heaters, so that the heating unit will be operational for a longer period of time.

Repair and service of Vulcan gas heaters:

If you are experiencing anything unusual, like a foul smell, an irregular sound coming from the fan, or the signs of heat damage. It means that your gas heater needs a repair. Just give us a quick call at 1300 730 896 if you notice any of these signs.Our highly skilled technicians are always at your service to repair your gas heaters. We will ensure quality repair and if some parts need replacement, our team manages them as well.

When to contact QuickAir for a Vulcan gas heater service?

Vulcan gas heaters must be examined on a yearly basis; especially before the start of winter season. Moreover, if you notice any of the following signs, you must contact our experts for their quality service and maintenance of your gas heating unit.

  • There is a foul smell – like the smell of gas
  • Signs of heat damage, like a change of color of the walls or the panels of the heater
  • Any irregular sound coming from the fan of the heater.
  • The pilot flame turns off itself.
  • Irritation on eyes and skin when you turn on your heater.

Our experts are just a call away and we will handle everything for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many times a year should you service your Vulcan gas heater?

    It is recommended that the Vulcan gas heaters be serviced once a year at least. And to ensure the smooth functioning of the unit, it should be serviced before the start of the winter season. Yearly service will improve the function as well as the lifespan of the unit.

  2. How does the team service the unit?

    The technician first addresses your concerns, followed by the detailed inspection of the gas heater unit. Various safety checks are performed before the servicing of the unit to ensure the safety.

  3. How can I book the services from QuickAir?

    You just have to give a quick call at 1300 730 896. Our team is readily available to cater for all your queries. And will schedule the service at your convenience.

  4. Do you only repair the Vulcan gas heaters or provide replacement of the damaged equipment?

    At QuickAir, we perform quality checkups. We just repair the parts that need repairing. While the parts that are damaged, we also provide the service to replace them at the request of our customer.

  5. What should I do if I smell some gas after turning the unit on?

    If you notice even the slightest smell of gas when the unit is turned on, immediately turn off the gas valve from the main gas supply. Then, open the windows and doors so that the gas moves out of the room. Then urgently contact us to help you sort out the issue.

    *An important thing to remember when you smell gas*

    Do not turn on any lights or ignite any flame in the area, because that might start a fire.

  6. Will QuickAir provide me with quality services?

    All our technicians are licensed and are properly trained to cater to all kinds of repair and maintenance services of Vulcan gas heaters. We guarantee you the best and quality services in town.