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Rinnai Gas Heater Service

Do you want to make sure that your Rinnai gas heater is installed and maintained properly? No sweat! QuickAir is a one-stop solution for all your air conditioning and heating-related problems. Contact us for reliable installation, repair, and other maintenance services for your Rinnai gas heaters. The fact that you get all these services for a very reasonable price is the icing on the cake.

Why You Should Hire A Professional for The Maintenance of Your Gas Heater

All heating and cooling appliances need routine tune-ups to work properly. Being careless with these appliances will reduce their lifespan. It may even result in accidents.

Here’s why you need to consider contacting experts to deal with your gas heaters:

1. They Are Reliable Because They Have All The Necessary Knowledge of Gas Units

Gas equipment can be tricky to deal with. Doing everything by yourself sounds like a great idea, but one misstep can make things worse. Hiring professional help is great because:

  • They are experienced in this field and are therefore equipped with problem-solving skills.
  • There are many different kinds of Rinnai gas heater models like Rinnai Avenger 25 Convector, Rinnai Enduro 13 Convector, Rinnai Granada 252 Radiant Convector, Rinnai 417, and Rinnai portable gas heater, etc. An expert has the knowledge of the latest technology being used in newer models.
  • Professional technicians have all the equipment and tools needed to handle your unit.

2. It Would Save Your Time And Money

While there are certain troubleshooting errors that you can fix easily in your home, you may not have time for that. A thorough inspection and clean-up of the unit offered by QuickAir entails

  • Wiring and P.C.B board inspection
  • Testing the gas valve
  • Cleaning the air-jets and air vents properly
  • Checking for Carbon Monoxide leakage

A skilled technician will take care of everything for you while you are at your office or relaxing at home. Moreover, if your assessment of the situation is wrong, the problem may persist and result in a bigger complication. Thus, you may end up spending more money than initially estimated on a minor problem.

3. It Is Safe to Let The Experts Handle Technical Issues

Gas heaters, as the name suggests, make use of gas to heat up the required space or a water tank. Toxic chemicals like Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are produced in this process. If these heaters are not maintained properly, CO may leak and get mixed with the air.

CO is a tasteless, odorless gas and it is very difficult to detect its presence. If a leak develops while you are working with your heater, it may prove to be very dangerous for you and your loved ones. Although the Rinnai gas heaters are safe, getting a professional to service would be your best option.

Trust QuickAir to handle everything for you; efficiently and quickly in all aspects of Rinnai gas heater installations, repairs, and servicing.

Reasons You Can Trust Us With Your Rinnai Heating Unit

Our trained technicians check all the boxes of skill, experience, and reliability. Here’s what makes QuickAir your most suitable option:

  • Easy and convenient booking
  • Quick service
  • Licensed and fully insured technicians
  • Simple and upfront payment process
  • Australia-wide coverage
  • Extensive experience with all Rinnai Gas heater models and other brands

Rinnai gas heater troubleshooting can be performed at home. However, if you feel like the task at hand is complex and you cannot handle it, we’d rather you contact a professional. It would minimize the risk of damage to your unit.

All things considered, you should only choose the best professional services for your Rinnai gas heater. Our team of accredited technicians at QuickAir is just one call away!

Our technicians can also assist with Sharp, Mitsubishi, Samsung, Toshiba and any other make/model of air conditioning unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why is my gas heater failing to turn on?

    There may be a lot of reasons why your gas heater isn’t turning on. The most common one is restricted airflow to the igniter. This clogging is often caused by a dirty filter which means your heater is due for a service. That’s why it is suggested to clean the filter of your heaters or air-conditioners regularly. You should also consider replacing them as per the suggestion of the manufacturer.

    There could also be a problem with the thermostat or the gas valve. In both cases, you need professional help.

  2. How often does my Rinnai gas heater need to be serviced?

    Rinnai recommends that you get your heater serviced every 2 years. It will not make your heater more efficient but also increase its life expectancy.

  3. Is it normal if my gas heater gives off a slight smell?

    Often it happens when the heater burns the aerosol particles present in the air. The aerosol in the air may come from air fresheners, paint or varnish fumes, cleaning products, and insect sprays, etc. However, if the smell is very strong, you should call in the experts.

  4. What to do if I notice a burning gas smell coming out of my heater?

    If you notice a gas smell in your house, you need to pay attention to it immediately. Remember not to turn on any lights in that area. The tiny spark in the switch may start a fire. The first thing you need to do is turn off the main gas valve. Then you need to open the windows and doors to let the gas out of the room. Contact your local gas utility service or the fire department to help you with this issue.

  5. Why does my gas heater keep turning off?

    Following may be the reasons why your gas heater keeps turning off:

    • Faulty pilot
    • Restricted gas supply
    • Dirty or damaged thermocouple

    In the case of a dirty thermocouple, you need to wait till it cools down. Then you can clean it gently. If you sense that the reason is a damaged pilot or a clogged-up gas pipe, the issue should be tackled by an expert.

  6. What type of gas is appropriate for a Rinnai gas heater?

    You can only use one of the following gas types for your Rinnai heating unit

    1. LPG
    2. 13A
    3. 12A

    If the gas is of low quality, your unit will not work properly.

  7. What does it mean when the screen shows different error codes?

    Different error codes may point to different problems, like

    • Error code 11 means that there’s no ignition or the gas supply to the igniter is interrupted. To fix this error, you need to inspect the igniter for damage, or see if the heat exchanger is clogged.
    • Error Code 12 points to a flame failure. In this case, you need to inspect the system for any sort of obstruction.

    Rinnai gas heater troubleshooting is easy if you have read the user’s manual. However, more technical problems require an in-depth inspection which can only be carried out by professionals.