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Troubleshooting Basic Air conditioning Problems

What the beeeep!!

Our customers often call in distress because their air conditioner or heater is not working properly and it’s hot (or very cold). In many cases, the fix can be quite simple, such as new batteries in the remote control or a reset of the system. Some of these troubleshooting problems you can do yourself and we are very happy to walk you through these over the phone. If it’s an easy fix, identified in the troubleshooting topics listed below, we can help save you time and dollars.

There’s no substitute for regular preventative maintenance and service

We had to say it, burt you know it’s true. However, in most cases, the energy cost saving far outweighs the cost of our service and preventative maintenance price. QuickAir can save you money by servicing your air conditioner or heater and bringing your system back to its optimal performance.

Should you call us?

We recommend calling us to discuss the issue you are having with your Air Conditioner or Gas Heater. If it’s a basic troubleshooting, QuickAir will be able to help you determine this. However, we advise to book a qualified technician unless you are a professional yourself and can be confident in making your own assessment and diagnosis. Also, we strongly recommend diagnosis if you have not had any preventative maintenance or service for some time. Getting help early prevents the problem exacerbating to potentially a large repair job or worst of all possibly invalidating your warranty. Stay comfortable in the extremes of the Australian climate and give QuickAir a call.

Common Issue Articles


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