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Licenses and Insurance

We treat corporate governance very seriously. Our industry is heavily regulated for good reason. We work with things that can kill. Electricity, gas, heights, weights, etc. are all lethal if not handled correctly.

QuickAir gives you two layers of comfort in this very important area. We are fully licensed and insured for the type and nature of work we undertake. Additionally, all of our In-field Technicians are similarly fully insured and licensed for the type and nature of work they undertake.

QuickAir has the Australian Refrigeration Council license AU49053. Anyone carrying out work with air conditioning units or refrigerators needs to hold a Refrigerant Handling Licence. What this means is that anyone who handles a fluorocarbon refrigerant, or any component of a refrigeration or air conditioning system, that risks the refrigerant being emitted must have the requisite qualification. Handling the fluorocarbon without experience is hazardous, because of the harmful dangers to you and your health but also to the environment.

We also have the state-based electrical contractors licenses, also known as Registered Electrical Contractors (REC), for each state we complete electrical jobs in. REC is responsible for all electrical installation work it is engaged to carry out and must ensure that the work is safe and complies with the regulations.

Apart from QuickAir the company having all the requisite licenses and insurance. All of our technicians are fully licensed to carry out the necessary work. We also ensure they maintain these, including any other job-specific requirements, such as working at heights and working with children checks for school projects. Our technicians are also experts in all the major brands and we maintain regular contact with the OEM’s to ensure we have a warranty claim and aftermarket support.

Once again, governance is something we take very seriously in addition to what we say here, we have an in-house compliance team dedicated to keeping us abreast of legislative changes in each jurisdiction we operate in. Know more our governance, call us on 1300 730 896.