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Braemar Heating and Cooling

For top-notch home appliances and long-term investments, Braemar by Seely International (renowned for Braemar evaporative cooling, Braemar ducted heating, and Braemar air conditioners) is everyone’s first choice. It’s the ultimate solution for all heating and cooling needs.

With first-class Braemar installations in your home, you’re ensured top-tier service – this is where QuickAir steps in. As Australia’s premier service providers, we deliver prompt, dependable, and cost-effective solutions for all your HVAC requirements.

QuickAir technicians are licensed and equipped for both Braemar servicing and Braemar repairs. Whether you’re installing a new Braemar appliance or need repairs for an existing one, we have got you covered. Trust the finest service for your premier Braemar appliances.

Braemar Heating and Cooling by Seely International

Braemar stands out globally for its energy-efficient heating and cooling solutions. A legacy since the 1970s, Braemar exports to over 120 countries worldwide. Being a certified quality-endorsed company, Braemar consistently brings innovation, ensuring products that can save you up to 70% on energy bills.

Braemar Direct Evaporative Cooling Technology

Direct evaporative cooling technology outshines conventional systems. Ensuring significant cost reduction, this technology is 80% more economical. It’s a perfect cooling solution for expansive spaces, from warehouses to workshops. Unlike traditional air conditioners, this technology circulates fresh air, pushing hot air out. It’s both easy-to-install and low-maintenance. Furthermore, it offers a health boon with its 100% fresh, filtered air circulation.

Braemar Indirect Evaporative Technology

Underscoring reliability and superior performance, Braemar’s indirect evaporative technology is revolutionary. Its efficiency rises with external temperature hikes, yet energy consumption remains consistent. You can bank on 80% savings on your energy expenses.

Offering dry and 100% fresh air, Braemar caters to diverse needs with its broad product range.

Braemar Ducted Heating Service

On the hunt for ducted gas heaters? Braemar’s offerings stand as the market’s most dependable – their broad spectrum of heaters can be tailored to individual requirements. Always best to rely on professionals like QuickAir for recommendations and services to ensure the perfect Braemar ducted heating solution for your needs.

Braemar Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

A comprehensive solution, Braemar’s reverse cycle air conditioning takes care of both heating and cooling. Ideal for various settings, it integrates the advanced VRF technology, ensuring notable energy efficiency and savings. It’s a robust system, offering consistent airflow and performance – modify it as per your needs and relish its smart management capacities.

Why Choose QuickAir for Braemar Installations and Repairs?

While numerous manufacturers exist, Braemar’s exceptional quality and products set it apart. When selecting a service provider, the decision mirrors the choice of product. QuickAir promises diverse and tailored services – here’s a glimpse into our offerings:

  • QuickAir addresses all HVAC needs, spanning Braemar installations to repairs.
  • Our presence is nationwide, with representatives in cities like Melbourne, Perth, Sydney, Canberra, and Brisbane.
  • Our technicians, specialists in Braemar repairs and servicing, are licensed and adept.
  • With QuickAir, timely service is guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

With Braemar’s evaporative technology, cooling down open spaces is no longer an impossible feat. Regular air conditioners circulate the same air in a room to cool the temperature; and with this technology, it is out of the question to cool an open space, as there are no walls to hold the air. But with evaporative technology, you can have a nice cool temperature in any sort of open space.

No, the inlet water temperature does not affect the cooling capacity of the evaporative air conditioner.

The short and sweet answer to this question is, yes. You can easily use the discharged water from your indirect evaporative air conditioner for agricultural and industrial purposes. It is completely safe to use that water for fire extinguishment or irrigation.

Many people use bore water for their air conditioners, and it is not hazardous for the system. But if the bore water has more calcium content, it can affect the filter pads of your system, and you will require a service more often. It is best to discuss the water problem with your local dealer.

Yes, Braemar offers a warranty on all sorts of products. Just enter your product serial number, and you can easily register for a warranty.

This concern is nothing to worry about – Braemar has a separate line for manufacturing spare parts for their products. You can easily find any spare part for your appliances.