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Our Story

Sometimes things are born by accident, think penicillin. Quick Air was a bit of an accident.

Some history first. Quick Air was formed to provide in-field technical support for Australia’s second-largest Telco and then two of Australia’s largest insurance groups came on board for our expertise. These enterprises were looking for an Australian owned, operated and nationwide provider. We obliged because we had steadily built up long term relationships with qualified infield technicians for a national retail group (now defunct and we would be too if it weren’t for our other enterprise partners!).

We have highly trained staff working in our operating centre, using the latest digital technologies, providing the best customer support experience. We have to, otherwise, we could not deliver the expectations demanded by our clients and customers. Doing thousands of jobs per annum and managing the relationship between the customer, us and the technician takes some doing, but we do it well.

And here’s the accident, it dawned on us because we’re pretty good at what we do for these guys, we should have a crack at making it direct to the Australian public and there began Quick Air; our consumer direct to market business.

We are very proud to be Australian owned and operated. Our dedicated staff and highly experienced and qualified technicians are ready to help you. Quick Air has repaired, maintained and installed thousands of our customers’ air conditioners and heaters. We are one of only a few highly experienced and qualified national air conditioner and heater installationrepair and service providers.