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Mitsubishi Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi is a globally leading brand that deals in air conditioners and other HVAC-related systems. When you step out to look for some reliable and energy-efficient air conditioners, Mitsubishi will be one of the companies you will hear about the most.

Because of its high-quality and durable products, customers worldwide trust and use Mitsubishi appliances. At QuickAir, you will find the assistance of highly trained professionals for installing and repairing Mitsubishi air conditioners.

If you are a new homeowner looking to buy an air conditioner or want to replace your old one in your home or office, we can guide you through the process. It can be a little confusing to select one appliance from a pool of numerous efficient and high-performing ones.

But worry not! From the information written below, you can analyze and find the best air conditioner that perfectly suits your needs. But first, let us get an overview of the company Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi is a Japanese electric company that has been operating since 1921. It’s been a century since the company came into existence. For 100 years, the company has improved and evolved with world-leading technology.

Their motive is to create and provide quality products for their customers. It is the main reason for the success and stability of the company. They have many products in the line of air conditioners to suit the particular needs of all customers. Following are the details of different air conditioning appliances manufactured by Mitsubishi.

1) Wall-Mounted Solutions

Mitsubishi is a world-leading manufacturer of wall-mounted air conditioners. They are the perfect solution if you want to arrange comfort for a single room. The all-mounted HVAC system is easy to install and comes with the company’s best warranty.

Mitsubishi’s wall-mounted air conditioners come in different units.

  • Delux wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Designer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 16 seer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 18 Seer wall-mounted indoor unit
  • 115V wall-mounted indoor unit
  • Large capacity wall-mounted cooling only indoor unit
  • Wall-mounted cooling only indoor unit

All of the above-mentioned wall-mounted units by Mitsubishi come in particular designs with a different set of specifications. So the customers can choose the appliance with features that suit their needs the best.

2) Ceiling Cassette

The ceiling cassette by Mitsubishi is a modern, sleek and efficient ceiling-mounted cooling solution for its customers. It works best for whole rooms and takes no extra space in the room as it is fixed in the ceiling. The ceiling cassette fits between the ceiling suspended units, the standard joists, and the 4-way recessed ceiling cassettes.

The ceiling cassettes also include a variety of designs and units. They are:

  • EZ FIT ceiling cassette
  • Ceiling suspended indoor unit
  • 4-way ceiling cassette

Here again, the customers get to choose the air conditioning appliance that suits their needs perfectly.

3) Ducted Air Handler

The ducted air handler by Mitsubishi is a multi-position device that provides powerful and efficient cooling throughout the space. The customer can set different static pressure settings in the appliance according to the need. The customer has the choice to choose one from two ducted air handlers. They include:

  • Multi-position air handler PVA
  • Multi-position air handler SVZ

4) Horizontal Ducted Cooling Solutions

The horizontal ducted system is the best solution if you want a duct system in your home with less hassle. The horizontal ducted solution covers one or more rooms as they are available in single and multi-zone units. It can either be hidden above the ceiling or below the floor. They include:

  • Low static horizontal ducted indoor unit
  • Mid static horizontal ducted indoor unit

Why Choose QuickAir For Mitsubishi Installations And Repairs

Mitsubishi manufactures world-leading HVAC technology. While installing and handling such premium appliances, nobody wants to take any risk. And this is where QuickAir’s service comes in.

At QuickAir, you can derive many benefits from our technicians’ highly professional work attitude and services. Following are the gains you will receive by hiring our experts:

  • Our technicians are highly trained, experienced, and licensed. Getting a service from QuickAir means there is zero to no chance of any negligence from the technician’s side.
  • The technicians at QuickAir are experts in handling and working with Mitsubishi appliances. They will handle all of your installation and repair needs professionally.
  • We have a same-day booking policy, ensuring that your appliances will get treated the same day you book us on call. So no more waiting for days to get HVAC faults fixed.
  • We can also assist with Sharp, Rinnai, Samsung, Toshiba and any other make/model of air conditioning unit.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any warranty available on Mitsubishi appliances?

Yes, the company offers warranties for all of its appliances. Different appliances have different warranties.

2. How will I get the product warranty from Mitsubishi?

There is one step you need to take to get the company’s warranty. Just register your appliance number with the company to activate the warranty.

3. What maintenance should I carry for the proper functioning of my appliance?

Cleaning the filters of your air-conditioner will help your appliance a lot. It will clear the path for airflow restricted by the dirt accumulated in the filters.

If you are new to air conditioners, ask the professional installer to demonstrate how to clean your air conditioner’s filters. And you will learn it in the first go, as it is a simple and easy process.

Besides, make sure to book a regular HVAC maintenance checkup from a licensed service provider. The technicians at QuickAir can professionally cover this area for you. This regular maintenance check-up is necessary, as it ensures the proper functioning of each part of your unit. And also, this will save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

4. When do I need to refill the gas in my air conditioner?

Usually never! If a professional technician has installed your air conditioner, there is no need for a gas refill anytime. It is a common misconception that the gas needs to be refilled every season.

However, the only time to refill the gas is when a leak occurs in your air conditioner. Due to some mishap, a leak might occur, causing your appliance to lose the gas; in that case, you will need a gas refill.