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Relocation & Decommissioning

Relocations can be tiring and we understand the unwanted stress behind it. We have qualified technicians who are always available to take the stress away from you. We recommend discussing the requirements with us before making any relocation and decommissioning assessments. We will guide you with all possible solutions and the outcomes will be tailored as per your budget and requirement.

While on the job the technician will:

  • Quote for decommissioning of any heating and cooling unit
  • Quote for reinstalling of any heating and cooling unit
  • Quote for installing a new heating and cooling unit at your new property
  • Transport the decommissioned heating and cooling unit and reinstall at the new location
  • Ensure the unit is installed as per industry standards
  • Provide an assessment of the unit’s performance and condition

It is always recommended to contact a licensed technician to decommission any heating and cooling unit as handling of refrigerant gas should not be done without experience. The contaminants are harmful and hefty fines can be handed down. Call us on 1300 730 896

We also help customers with connecting new electricity, gas, and telephone connection at the property. All these services are provided free of cost and are add-ons as a helping hand to our valued customers.