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Why is Indoor Air Quality So Important?

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25 Jan 2021
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When it comes to air quality, most of us are concerned about the air in the outdoor environment. However, indoor pollution can also have a significant effect. Studies from the EPA note that indoor air pollutants may be 2-5 times higher than outdoor levels. This is especially concerning since most people spend their time indoors.

There are a few different components to maintaining air quality within good limits and they include the following:

  • Controlling airborne pollutants
  • Ensuring adequate outdoor air brought into the building
  • Maintaining appropriate temperature and humidity levels

These are all factors that play a role when it comes to air quality. Air conditioning systems play a vital role in all of these components. This is why it’s important to keep up with appropriate air conditioner service for optimal air quality.

Dangers of Indoor Air Pollutants

Most homes are going to have some level of air pollution. When not kept under optimal control, these pollutants can cause serious health concerns. There are a number of symptoms when it comes to air pollution. These can include coughing, headaches, allergic reactions, asthma, and even more severe breathing problems. While anyone can experience these concerns, they may be aggravated if you have pets, or someone in the home has an underlying respiratory problem.

Improving Air Quality

As any expert will tell you, the HVAC system, and specifically air conditioning, plays a vital role in maintaining and improving the air quality in a building. Poor ventilation will prevent air circulation and exacerbate your current problems.

When your air conditioner maintenance falls behind, there is a lack of air circulation. Modern HVAC systems, including air conditioning systems, are designed to ventilate buildings and minimize the source of pollution. When you have appropriate air conditioner maintenance, then these problems should be low. However, an improper air conditioner installation can lead to a variety of problems. Since air conditioners also play a vital role in keeping the temperature and humidity levels at an appropriate level, having normal air conditioner maintenance performed annually is essential.

Checking Air Conditioners

When it comes to maintaining your systems to avoid air pollution problems in your home, air conditioning tips tend to focus on preventative maintenance. Of course, a new system tends to be more efficient and effective so having a new air conditioner installation may be the best way to ensure you have the most efficient system. Another air conditioning tip is to ensure proper maintenance each year. Make sure to monitor ventilation air filters, drain any water in the drain pans, and monitor for any excessive moisture in the air ducts and cooling coils. Performing regular maintenance is much more desirable than waiting for an emergency situation.

When it comes to optimal indoor air quality, keeping an eye on your HVAC system is a key factor. These tips will help you stay on track and avoid any common problems in this area. Preventative maintenance will also keep your indoor pollutants at bay.