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15 Jul 2018
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Beat the heat! If you are outside, sunscreen is your protector and if at home, an air conditioner is everything. You spend a lot on a home cooling system where its coils, filters, and fins require regular maintenance to function properly. An air conditioning system operates in a similar way, your refrigerator does, but on a higher scale.

To maintain your AC for an accurate functioning, you need an ultimate guide for effective results.

Have a look-

Clean Filters Every Two Months:

It is imperative to check air conditioning filters on a daily basis. This helps you ensure any clogged or dirty filters if produced can reduce a system’s efficiency. Some filters are reusable while some have to be replaced. Thus, modify it when needed. Generally, filters are mounted in the grill facing the room.

Don’t Neglect Coils and Fins:

With the help of a clean filter, soiling can be prevented. But, not always! The coil still collects dirt over months and no services from a long time, resulting in reducing airflow and insulating the coil. Thus, you need to check the coil every year and clean it if required. Moreover, coil fins have to be checked twice a year.

Understand the AC Units:

It is composed of two separate components- condenser and evaporator coil. Located on a concrete slab and above the furnace, respectively, have functions to circulate cool air from the AC. In order to maintain it hassle-free, always call air conditioning service professionals.

Professional Help:

Cleaning air conditioner on your own is a good art, but maintenance requires professional hands sometimes, instead of routine cleaning. Thus, hire air conditioning services when your AC needs more than one maintenance like duct leakage or improper accuracy of the thermostat.

Be Prepared for the winter:

If the cool weather is about to come, remove or cover your air conditioner. This will protect the system units from debris and winter. However, if you prefer not to remove the AC, then cover it.
As the cooling season begins, make sure the seal between the AC and the window frame is in contact with a unit’s metal case. This allows cool air to escape from your home as moisturiser damages the seal.

Keep these in mind while maintaining the air conditioning system. While you call a technician, make sure, he is able to inspect every unit at regular intervals and clean coils, fins, and filters appropriately. For a proper cooling system throughout a year, experts help is required twice.

On the other hand, the moment you feel your AC has its units damaged; call our air conditioning repair expert instead of getting it done on your own. The expert should be able to check the exact amount of refrigerant, calculate airflow through the evaporator coil, analyse correct electric controls, understand heating system functioning and many more.