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What are the Different Errors I can Get on My Air Conditioner?

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15 Feb 2021
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Air conditioner errors, believe it or not, are very common. Air conditioning in homes has become essential, due to its ability  to maintain a comfortable temperature in all weathers.

But, any type of air conditioner can fail at any moment. This is why it is useful to understand what the most common air conditioning errors are.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that having regular air conditioner service is essential, and  is normally performed once a year.

Below is a comprehensive list of what the Error numbers mean:.

1. E1 Error

This type of error can have different meanings, it really depends on the manufacturer. But, usually it is a protection system that prevents it from starting up.

Actually solving this error is quite simple. You simply have to reset your air conditioner: turn off your air conditioner, wait two minutes, and then turn it on again.

2. EC Error

This type of error is directly related to the air conditioner’s refrigerant fluid. The EC error may indicate that it is low or that the system has detected a leak from your air conditioner.

In this case, an air conditioner repair must be done well. It is advisable to contact a specialized technician to resolve this fault.

3. E3 Error

This type of error indicates a voltage failure. If you frequently see this error in your air conditioner, then you should check the connection. Generally the solution to this error is straightforward, but an air conditioner service is necessary in this case, as an electrical failure could seriously damage your air conditioner.

4. E4 Error

This type of error is very common in some air conditioners. The E4 error indicates that there is a short circuit in the temperature sensor. This causes the air conditioner to be unable to detect the temperature in the room.

Of course, this error requires a specialist technician to perform an air conditioner repair. But, first the technician must check what the origin of this error is.

5. F0 Error

This error is actually a protection system that the air conditioner has. The F0 error indicates a refrigerant leak. This error prevents you from turning on the air conditioner. In fact, you should not turn it on because you can damage it.

Therefore, if it is a problem with the refrigerant in your air conditioner, only a technician will be able to repair it.

6. F1, F2, y F3 Error

Primarily, these codes indicate a very similar error in your air conditioner. In the vast majority of cases, these codes indicate that there is a short circuit in a temperature sensor. This is actually a very similar error to the E4 error.

In these cases, only an expert air conditioner technician can fix these failures. If you want to avoid these errors, just give us a call on 1300 730 896. We are always here to help you.