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Tips to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

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8 Sep 2020
2 Min Read

A well serviced and maintained AC unit, run more efficiently, cost less money to run and uses less energy. A properly serviced system will also last longer before the need arises for any replacement. With regular air con service, you can ensure that your home stays cool all summer long.

It should be noted that the average homeowner can do some maintenance tasks, but a trained expert should perform others. Whether you’re using the AC to cool your home or business, these tips will keep your system running smoothly:

1. Clean or Replace Air Filter

Replacing or cleaning your AC air filter is the most regular and crucial maintenance task. It should be done every month during high use seasons like summer and winter and once during the fall and spring. A clean filter will help keep your indoor air free of excess allergens and irritants. When the filter becomes full of dirt, dust and allergen particles, it makes the airflow to decrease. As a result, your system works harder than it should have to. Also, the air flowing through your system becomes dustier, dirtier and prone to triggering asthma and allergy symptoms for those residing in the home.

2. Check Wiring and Component

Before working on your air conditioner system, always start by switching off the power to the unit. Next, check the access panel to see if there are any signs of overheating, e.g. burnt or blackened looking wires, or wires with melted insulation. Check all the electrical connections to see if they are tight. Take a look at the contact switch, and if you notice excessive pitting, replace it. If you identify any problems and don’t feel at ease replacing parts by yourself, get an air conditioner expert to do the work for you

3. Examine Thermostat

Keep checking your thermostat to make sure it’s working properly. If you still use the mechanical model, consider replacing it with a programmable type. The programmable type allows you to setup high temperatures when no one is at home and cool the house for 30 minutes before people get back home. That way you will save money and energy for not running your AC all day and also have a cool home waiting for you.

4. Check Condenser Unit Fan

Check the fan on top of the outside condenser unit to see whether it’s still in good working condition. If you see any visible chips or cracks in one or more of the blades, replace the fan blades. If you have the older model of an AC unit, then the fan motor bearings need to be oiled regularly as part of an air conditioning service.

5. Clean Outside Unit

Over time, grass clippings, dirt, leaves and the likes will build upon the outside of the air conditioner unit. This can reduce airflow and system capacity. Use a garden hose to wash out the debris gently. Start from the top with the hose at about 450 angles. Take care not to damage the delicate fan on the coil.

Regular air conditioner service will be of great benefit in terms of saving energy, saving money, and keeping you comfortable during the hottest days of the summer. It will also help your AC unit to perform as efficiently as possible and for as many years as possible.