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Most Common Heater Problems & How to Fix Them

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16 Apr 2020
2 Min Read

If you purchase a quality heater then, hopefully, heater problems are going to be kept to the absolute minimum. However, you may encounter issues with your heater. We want to run you through some of the most common problems and how you could potentially solve them. However, do bear in mind that this is just a rough guide to heater problems. It is always worth talking to an expert in heater repair to ensure that your problem is fixed properly.

1. Parts of your home are not being heated properly

If some rooms in your home are not being heated properly, whereas others haven’t really seen a dip in the heat, this could indicate a few issues. In many cases, changing the filters for your heater installation will be more than enough, particularly if you haven’t replaced them recently. However, there will be cases where the problem is far deeper rooted. There could, for instance, be a blockage in the ducts or, worse, the heater fans are not working properly. This is probably not going to be an issue that you can solve on your own. For that, you will need to call in an expert to help you out.

2. Cold air is blowing from the heater

We assume that you will have checked the thermostat already. If not, then you should do that. Nine times out of ten, if cold air is coming out of your heater, then it is going to be a filter problem. So, change those filters. If this isn’t the case, then there may be a breakage somewhere in the ducts. You may be able to fix this problem yourself. You will just need some way to plug the duct. However, this is only going to be a temporary fix. Once again, if isn’t a filter issue, then calling in a professional company for heater repair is going to be a good route to go down.

3. Burning smell

This probably isn’t going to be that much of an issue. A burning smell is pretty common for a heater, particularly if they haven’t been switched on for a while. Dust does accumulate in them, and that dust gets burned away. If the burning smell lasts a long period of time, though. In fact, if it occurs every time you switch the heater on, then this is a deeper problem that can only be solved by an expert.

4. High Energy Bills

Are your energy bills climbing rapidly? Well, this could indicate a problem with the filters. If they are clogged, then the heater system needs to work harder. So, unclog them. Other than that, adjusting the thermostat may also do the trick. Sometimes flicking the thermostat down one degree can save you a lot of dollars on your energy bills.

Regular heater service

To be honest with you, a lot of the common heater problems we discussed on this page are going to be preventable. It is suggested that you call in an expert to carry out a heater service for you at least once per year. This regular heater maintenance should help to keep most problems at bay. This means that your heater can continue to do what it does well…keep you nice and warm!