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Least-Known Installation Cost Considerations For Evaporative Coolers

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15 Jul 2019
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With the current discoveries in the field of technology and science, the design of exceptional and energy-efficient cooling mechanisms is taking an upward trajectory.

One such design masterpiece is the evaporative cooler machine. Evaporative cooling is an advanced technology that has a long history in air-conditioning applications.

The cooling equipment provides an effective means of maintaining a conducive environment in the interiors of buildings, garages, and hospitals, among other settings. However, choosing the best evaporative cooler for your house/garage can be a daunting task.

The article will shed light on the installation cost considerations that will help you select the best cooler for your home.

Principle of Operation of Evaporative Coolers

It is more prudent to explain the principle of operation of evaporative cooler machines before delving into their cost considerations. Pour water on your hand in hot and sunny weather then blow air over the water, you will feel a cold sensation as the water evaporates from your hand. Without a doubt, the exact principle is integrated into the evaporative cooler machine.

The device is composed of water-soaked pads which cool the hot air that enters the cooling machine from the environment. In consequence, the incoming warm air evaporates the cold water flowing through the pads losing its heat energy. The cold air is then pushed out of the cooling machine using a pump. The process repeats itself until the set temperature is achieved/the device is turned off.

Evaporative Cooler Cost Determinants

Although the cost varies for different evaporative coolers, the following points outline the primary factors that contribute to the cost variations:

1. Size of the Cooler Machine

Before you install an evaporative cooler, the first aspect to consider is the size of your home relative to the size of the cooler. Smaller units will not cool your house effectively, while larger cooling machines will consume unnecessary energy, leading to high electric bills. To get the approximate size of the cooler that you need, multiply the floor area of your house by your ceiling height then divide the result by two. The result will give you the least capacity of the evaporative cooler that you need.

If the floor area of your house = 2,500 square feet
Ceiling height = 9 feet.
Volume= Area x Height= (2,500 x 9) = 22,500 cubic feet)
Capacity of cooler= (Volume/2) = (22,500/2) = 11,250 cubic feet.

Therefore, in the above case, you will need an evaporative cooler of approximately 11,250 cubic feet or above for efficient air-conditioning.

2. The Design of the Evaporative Cooler

Initially, evaporative coolers were installed on roofs. However, with technology advancements, more portable designs have come up to overcome the drawbacks that confronted the original designs. For example, direct air evaporative coolers which do not cool larger areas cost between $700- $900. On the other hand, roof-mounted whole house evaporative coolers cost between $1750- $1850. Although smaller designs are cheaper, their cooling capacities are limited to small interiors.

3. The Amount of Labor Required For Installation

Although some evaporative coolers function by connecting them to a hosepipe and an electric socket outlet, others require sturdy structures for support. An expert might quote approximately $100 for the installation of a direct air evaporative cooler. In contrast, the roof mounted air conditioning units demand more labour and more time to install because of laying ducts and access constraints. Labour costs might skyrocket to between $700- $900 for the installation of a single unit roof-mounted cooler unit.

4. The Type of Pad Design Used

Another essential aspect to consider is the pad design that is integrated into the evaporative cooler. Notably, the pad costs vary depending on the material used to design them and their expected lifespans. For instance, rigid sheet pads, which last for approximately 4-6 years, cost between $50- $90 per piece. On the other hand, aspen pads, which last for about 1-2 years, cost between $20- $45 per pad.

5. Maintenance Costs of the Evaporative Cooler Unit

For efficient operation of the evaporative cooler unit, periodic maintenance is essential. Smaller units cost less to maintain than massive cooling units. Maintenance costs for smaller cooling devices can vary from $50 and above. However, for large roof-mounted units, maintenance costs can extend beyond $200 depending on the extent of damage, labour demands, and additional roof repairs.

However, the above prices do not apply to all evaporative cooler machines. The costs vary depending on location, machine brand, inflation, local taxes, and installation complexities.


As has been mentioned above, the costs of installing evaporative coolers vary significantly depending on the above factors. Despite the cost differences, evaporative coolers are cheaper compared to their equally-sized air conditioning counterparts. Also, evaporative coolers are easier to maintain and more eco-friendly than air conditioners because they use water, which is not hazardous to the environment. You can contact us if you are looking for an expert for installing an evaporative cooler. QuickAir is a group of licensed technicians ready to service you on the same day. Call us on 1300 730 896.