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Is There Ice on Your Air Conditioner Coil?

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5 Feb 2022
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If you are facing low cooling of the air conditioning unit, it might have a frozen coil. When the refrigerant gas in an AC goes down below 32 degrees F, the humidity on the evaporator coil forms ice on it. Thus, making the system lose its efficiency and cooling.

There can be various checks that can be performed at home by owners if the coil has ice on it. But it is always recommended to get the unit checked by professionals if you are facing any cooling issues.

  1. Examine the copper coils:
    First of all, you have to carefully examine the copper coils. If you see any ice on it, it means the unit is frozen and it needs to be serviced soon. Immediately turn the unit off and wait for the ice to melt for further examine. One thing to keep in mind here is that you should not try to clean that ice by hand, because that attempt could damage the AC’s components.
  2. Check the air filters:
    Secondly, you have to check the air filters. If they have accumulated dirt, it might cause blockage which could result in an increase in temperature inside the unit. And eventually, will form ice on the coil. You have to either wash them or replace them if they are disposable.
  3. Check dirt on the coils and cooling fins around the evaporator:
    You have to inspect the coils and the cooling fins around the evaporator. If there is dirt on them, they should be cleaned by using any soft brush. But do not exert pressure on it because the fins may bend due to a lot of pressure. Again, it is suggested to get your air conditioner serviced with a professional technician.
  4. Blocked vent:
    Carefully check all the vents. Make sure there is no blocked vent that could restrict the airflow. Blocked vents raise the temperature of the evaporating unit and hence cause ice on the coil.
  5. A blocked drainage system:
    If there is ice on the coils, it can block the drainage system. If you are experiencing water dripping from the inner unit, it could be due to ice in the air conditioner that is melting and accumulating in the drip pan.

If you still cannot figure out why the ice is still there on the coils, promptly turn off the air conditioner unit and call for help. And you must not continue to operate the AC if there is ice on the coils, because it might damage the unit, and the problem will get worse. Operating an air conditioner with a frozen coil puts strain on the compressor and that can disintegrate the unit completely.

The only solution to keep the air conditioning unit ice-free and safe is to get it inspected, serviced and maintained annually. And the professional team at Quick Air is the best to call for annual maintenance, service and repair of your air conditioners. Call us now at 1300 730 896.