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How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Unit

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10 Nov 2015
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As the summer heat soars in Melbourne, now is the time to clean up your air conditioner again to ensure that it will function effectively and keep your home cool without causing any issues.

Over time, your AC unit’s filter can get filled with dirt, the refrigerant can run low, and debris can clog your system, reducing the efficiency of your AC unit. Therefore, it is crucial to check over and clean-up your cooling system to keep it in its best shape and running effectively.

While engaging a qualified air conditioner maintenance service is the best option to clean out your air conditioner you can try the following easy DIY steps before calling a professional service.

Get yourself ready

It is crucial to first read the cleaning and maintenance section in the owner’s guide to your air conditioner unit. To protect your hands, use work gloves as you start cleaning. If your AC unit seems to have bigger issues, calling a reliable technician is strongly recommended.
Unplug your outdoor unit’s power

The outside unit of your air conditioner is called the condenser, which includes the cooling fins, the coolant tubes, the fan and of course the compressor. Before starting the clean-up, unplug the power to your condenser unit or you shut off the power switch on the main electrical panel.

Clean the cooling fins

As air is pulled through the cooling fins, dirt and debris get accumulated on the fins over time, which reduces the air-inflow, minimizing your unit’s efficiency. A vacuum with a soft brush attachment can be used to remove the debris and the dirt. If you want to diagnose the fins by removing the metal cover, use a screwdriver to remove the screws. If you find major damages to the fins, QuickAir – air conditioner repair should be engaged to have them repaired or replaced.

Add oil to the lubrication ports

After cleaning the fins, the lubrication ports on the fan motor should be checked. If they need more lubrication, add few drops of proper motor oil to the lubrication ports to help the cooling fins work more efficiently.

Turn the condenser power back on

Take out the manual to your unit for checking the required steps before restarting the condenser unit. When you are ready, plug-in your condenser power and wait for about 10 minutes. If the coolant tubes are properly running to the condenser, the uncovered tube will be warm to touch while the covered tube will be cool.

Unplug the indoor unit’s power

Turn off the power switch to your indoor unit in the main electrical panel. It is crucial to read the manual to safely remove the cover.

Clean the filter

Check the filter for dirt and debris by taking it out of the unit. Any seriously clogged or damaged filter should be replaced to increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. You can check the correct size and type of your filter can in the owner’s manual.

Clean the Evaporator

The fins on the evaporator and the blower compartment must be cleaned with a vacuum with a soft brush attachment. You can also remove the tubes, if possible, and clean them. If you are facing difficulty in removing them, a trained QuickAir technician can do the job.

Restart your Indoor Unit

After re-installing the filter, putting the cover back to the furnace as well as turn the indoor unit’s power back on. Set the thermostat to cool and ensure that the entire unit is functioning properly.

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