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Are Cheap Air Conditioners Really That Cheap

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24 Sep 2015
2 Min Read

The simple answer? No, they are not!

Why is that? Energy bills!

Cheap Air Conditioners almost always end up costing you more in the long term. You may manage to save $200 – $500 when buying a cheap, unknown brand of an air conditioner. Within a few months, your energy bills will show you that your unit is not energy efficient at all. Decent, cost-efficient air conditioning is of paramount importance in your home or commercial space, particularly in summer when you will be running the unit the most. You are better off buying a slightly more expensive, well-known quality brand, such as Mitsubishi or Fujitsu.

Another great choice is solar powered air conditioning. This is usually the most costly option in terms of installation, as you will be purchasing the solar panels along with the air conditioner itself. In the long run, though, you will find that you can enjoy massive savings on your energy bills. This rings particularly true when we think about the rising costs of electricity in Australia.

The best thing you can do is talk to an experienced air conditioning specialist with many years of expertise. They will understand the differences between the various air conditioning options available and will be able to explain the positives and negatives of each choice to you. Perhaps your living area only requires a single split system unit for peak performance and energy efficiency. Or maybe a more complex ducted system will work out better for your living conditions. If you are looking for the most efficient air conditioning system for a big commercial space or industrial warehouse, solar panel air conditioning will probably be your best bet in the long run.

Whatever solution you end up choosing, you should do the math and check your facts before you make a decision. It could save (or lose!) you quite a lot of money.

I hear so many people saying “I just want the cheapest air conditioner”. They likely believe that the cheapest air conditioning unit is the one with the smallest price tag. Little do they realize that the cheapest air conditioner is the one which will save the most money over the many years to come.

Any air conditioner supplier who sells someone a cheap system without first explaining the issues of energy consumption and efficiency is really doing the wrong thing by their customer.