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York Air Conditioning

About the brand York

York International has been one of the biggest independent manufacturers of HVAC solutions like; air conditioners, heating equipment, or machinery, refrigerators, etc. since 1874. Their products were sold throughout the world and appreciated by customers all around the globe for having superior quality and great features. For the past 146 years, York’s HVAC products have been a customer favourite.

In 2005, York was bought by one of the largest conglomerates today in the world, Johnson Controls International, an American Irish-domiciled Multinational firm, as part of their expansion plan, giving York a powerful push to permanently stay in the industry as one of the top HVAC systems manufacturers.

The headquarters of York International, from the beginning itself, was in York, Pennsylvania.

Today, under Johnson Controls, they are trying to dominate the international markets. With service and spare parts being easily available around the globe, this is a big assurance for the global customers to buy and use more and more products from this legendary brand that had been in the world electronics and HVAC market for the past 145+ years.

When it comes to quality and innovation in their products, this brand never disappoints our expectations, thereby conquering Australian markets too.

Product Range from the brand, York

  • Air conditioners and air handlers
  • Evaporative coils
  • Furnaces and heat pumps
  • Mini-split systems and packaged systems
  • Humidifier and dehumidifiers
  • Ventilators and air cleaners
  • Thermostats, their adapters, and zoning systems
  • Spares of their products

Air conditioners from York in Australia

Split systems (mini)

These are systems suitable for small spaces like a room and all below 30 sq.m area. Includes an indoor air conditioning unit, and an outdoor condenser unit. A refrigerant is used as the medium for heat transfer. Installed high on walls, to conserve space. Able to perform both cooling and heating as per the Australian seasons. Extremely quiet operation.

Single-stage heat pumps and air conditioners

Ranges between 2-4 tons. Suitable for moderately big rooms. The only problem is that these systems can perform either cooling or heating only. They are not based on reverse cycle air conditioning. Able to operate on single and three-phase supply. Quiet in operation and also environmentally friendly in terms of refrigerant (R-410A). Installation is easy compared to other models but may consume a bit more space than split systems.

Two-Stage Air Conditioners

Very quiet and flexible in design. Very low cost to purchase and maintain. Less power consuming and would benefit very much on a long term basis.

The warranty is very attractive, as it gives a lifelong warranty for its compressor and 10 years worth warranty for components. Has a smart control system to monitor temperature by controlling the thermostat. Compact and portable design consumes less space and is also easy to move. The design and features suit the climatic conditions of the Australian climate and protect your family from the heat.

Variable Capacity Air Conditioner

This series of systems come with the most power-efficient models. A smart system called the Climate Set that can control and regulate the temperature inside and makes the system consume only the required power. Sweptwing fan for noiseless working.

The system is protected by a highly durable coating for up to 1000 hours. An intelligent zoning system is also available.

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Our Services

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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are York spares of HVAC systems easily available in Australia?

Yes. The products from York are easily repairable and also with such a long warranty (more than 10 years), you don’t have to worry about it at all.

    1. How long do we get the warranty for air conditioners?

Compressors of split systems have a warranty of 10 years while variable air conditioners get a lifelong warranty for compressors. In the case of internal spares, the warranty is available for about 10 years too.

    1. What maintenance should we do for the proper working of air conditioners?

Clean filters regularly. Do not overuse the air conditioners. Maintain apt temperature and switch it off when not in need. Check for gas leakages and service them regularly. The air conditioner will work fine for you for a long period of time without having difficulties.