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QuickAir Installations, Repairs & Servicing for Hitachi Air Conditioners

Navigating the realm of air conditioning requires a blend of innovation and expertise, particularly when dealing with premium brands like Hitachi. Known for its advanced engineering and reliable performance, Hitachi air conditioners necessitate a professional touch for installations, repairs, and maintenance. QuickAir rises to this challenge, offering an Australia-wide network of expert technicians specialised in Hitachi systems.

Partnering with QuickAir means entrusting your Hitachi air conditioning systems to top-tier professionals. Our approach is rooted in understanding Hitachi’s sophisticated technology, ensuring we provide services that are as efficient, reliable, and forward-thinking as the products themselves.

Here’s what sets QuickAir apart in handling Hitachi air conditioner servicing:


  • Masters of Technical Excellence: Our team at QuickAir represents the pinnacle of training and expertise in the industry. Specialised in Hitachi air conditioners, they bring precision, skill, and deep product knowledge to every task, ensuring your installations and repairs are conducted flawlessly. This mastery is what guarantees optimal functionality and the utmost satisfaction from your premium appliances.
  • Swift Service When You Need It Most: A malfunctioning air conditioner waits for no one. Recognising this, QuickAir offers an immediate response with our same-day booking policy. Upon your contact, we deploy our experts promptly to ensure your Hitachi air conditioner repairs or installations are completed without undue delay, restoring your comfort and peace of mind at the earliest.
  • Precision in Every Installation: An impeccable installation is key to ensuring your Hitachi air conditioner’s longevity and peak performance. QuickAir technicians are adept in the precise art of Hitachi air conditioner installations, taking into account every specification to guarantee efficient operation, minimised operational costs, and a climate-controlled environment ready for you to enjoy.
  • Consistent Comfort Across Australia: Our commitment knows no geographical limits – QuickAir’s extensive network is active across Australia, ready to serve your Hitachi air conditioning needs, whether you’re in a bustling city or a serene rural area. High-calibre maintenance and service are at your fingertips, ensuring uninterrupted comfort, season after season.
  • Proactive Care for Enduring Performance: Investing in a Hitachi system is a long-term commitment, and our dedicated aftercare ensures you reap the benefits year after year. From regular check-ups to preventive servicing, QuickAir’s comprehensive care keeps your system in prime condition, fostering enhanced performance, reliability, and energy efficiency.


In entrusting your Hitachi air conditioner installations and repairs to QuickAir, you choose unparalleled professionalism, prompt service, and enduring results. We’re not just a service provider; we are guardians of your comfort, dedicated to bringing you uninterrupted, quality-driven care that mirrors Hitachi’s legacy of excellence. Embrace a seamless, worry-free experience with QuickAir — where your comfort is our mission.

About the brand Hitachi

Without a doubt, we can say that Hitachi is one of the global business giants in the world today. Their legacy can be traced back more than 100 years making their foundation, solid, and unbreakable. Their product range and field of services are vast. From simple home appliances to heavy construction equipment, they produce almost everything in the global market. In Australia (Oceania), their product range is categorized into more than 12 categories.

History of Hitachi

Founded by Namihei Odaira, an electrical engineer of Ibaraki prefecture, JAPAN in 1910, their first product was an induction motor to help in copper mining. By 1949, Hitachi went public and by 1959, Hitachi was established in the USA. By 1982, the brand name and its manufacturing sectors conquered the Soviet Union and Europe. The next twenty years were a period of rapid expansion through joining hands with big names like Mitsubishi, Johnson controls, Honda, Toshiba, etc. Today, it still is a leading manufacturer cum seller in the electronics field with a revenue of 8.7 trillion yen.

Product Range from Hitachi in Australia

  • Agricultural solutions
  • Escalators and elevators
  • Home appliances like; refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, washing machines, air purifiers, rice cookers, etc.
  • Televisions, projectors, monitors, etc (Display solutions).
  • Mining and construction solutions like wheel loaders, trucks, cranes, etc.
  • Medical and healthcare solutions like scanners, measuring instruments, etc.
  • Industrial solutions like air compressors, industrial UPS, generators, inverters, etc.
  • IT solutions like fingerprint scanners, data transfer pieces of equipment, sophisticated cables, etc.
  • Rails for the train
  • Rail projects with all types of equipment or machinery like signal trackers and so on.
  • Smart pieces of equipment for the home and workplaces.
  • Social infrastructure like gas compressors, electric motors, pumps, medium voltage drives, etc.

HVAC solutions from Hitachi in Australia

Wall-mounted Split systems

These models are easy to install since they do not require holes in walls. All you need is to mount the air conditioner units high on the wall. It contains an indoor cooling or warming unit, an outdoor unit that works as a condenser, and refrigerant in between for heat transfer. Mostly, these models are reverse cycle air conditioning systems. E-series and S-series are the ones popular in Australia.

Floor Mount Heat pumps or RAF floor mounted air conditioners

Portable in design and especially useful for houses where space is limited. It is suitable for overcoming all seasons, whether it be the scorching summer or the freezing winter. It is a smart device able to sense the surroundings and maintain the airflow to keep you comfortable. The system is backed by Australia’s leading manufacturer, Temperzone, giving it a 5-year service warranty.

Power Active Technology is available in this system, making it more efficient in consuming less power in Winter. The filters are Nano titanium-based, making them better at clearing dust and germs in the air.

Ducted systems

Ducted systems are suitable for large spaces. The heating capacity ranges from 5kW to 16kW, making it suitable for covering garages, entire houses, offices, restaurants, and hotels, etc. The ducted systems from Hitachi are either split or multi-split in design The split models have one outdoor unit and one indoor unit while the multi-split systems use one outdoor unit for multiple indoor units to cover the entire home.

Cassette systems

These systems are very useful as they are built to reduce space and suit the less space-consuming room or office designs. They are mostly mounted on ceilings, which makes them able to provide air conditioning uniformly across the given space making the experience for customers and workers more pleasant. They consume less power, and heating capacity varies from 6-16 kW. A powerful yet smart and simple system in all senses.

Multi-head split systems

Highly efficient, powerful enough to cool or warm large spaces or entire building sections like a floor, a house, hotels, etc. Able to handle up to 5 indoor units with a single outdoor unit. Smart in nature and able to sense the temperature of the room or space and adjust as per the need.


Chillers are only designed for commercial or industrial purposes. Suitable for large plants or industrial buildings where the need for a high capacity cooling and heating system exists. They have high efficiency for providing the necessary temperature for all the areas and are controlled with the help of advanced panels and technicians.

Installation, Repair, or Service – QuickAir, the Ultimate solution for You!

  • We are spread across Australia covering all the major cities like MelbournePerthSydneyBrisbane etc. So, we can access you easily and sort out your HVAC problems quickly.
  • Professional, experienced, and highly knowledgeable technicians for sorting out all problems swiftly with your Hitachi system.
  • We provide a warranty for all installations, repair, and service works done by our technicians.
  • We are taking care of all HVAC related problems, so feel free to call us for any related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are Hitachi products worth purchasing?

Being one of the top manufacturers and distributors in the world, all their products are of genuine quality with a good warranty. Go for it.

    1. How does auto mode work for Aircons from Hitachi?

They are smart in design, being equipped with sensors to sense the environmental temperature. They then adjust the compressor and fans as per requirement and deliver the perfect temperature.

    1. Which is better – Turning off the AC or leaving it on auto mode?

Turn Off the AC always. Auto mode will consume more power as it runs for a longer time.