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Why Does My Gas Heater Have a Burning Smell?

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2 Jun 2021
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A pungent smell in your house throughout the day can be sickening. A continuous nauseated feeling can be even more problematic, right? But have you ever noticed a burning smell, even when the heater is off?

There are a number of gas heater problems which can be very irritating. The type and the timing of the smell are also important elements to take into account. Similarly, if your heater doesn’t get proper maintenance, then you must be extra careful with it. It is because a smell of any type needs serious attention. Here are some most common reasons for your gas heater to emit a burning smell:

Reasons For Gas Heater Smell Like Burning

There can be multiple reasons for the smell, but the most common reason is a lack of cleanliness. A smell coming off the gas heater, which is hardly used, is due to dust which has accumulated over time. The smell generally dissipates once the dust has been burnt off.

But what if the smell continues? You would then need to look into other reasons.

1) Are Your Filters Clean?

If the filters are clogged with dust, the gas heater will never be able to function properly. The ducts need to be clean. You should always replace the filters before every winter season; because a dusty filter can cause severe health problems as well as a lingering smell.

2) Smell From A New Heater

Even if your heater is brand new, you still may detect a pungent burning smell. The reason for this is that the new heaters have metal oils that are burnt during the process. This smell is not a safety issue and will dissipate quickly.

3) Smell of gas

If your heater emits the smell of gas, there is a chance that the ducts might be leaking. In normal circumstances, the heater should never smell of gas. If it does, you must turn the heater off immediately and contact a professional gas heater repair service.

4) Musty Smell

A musty smell coming out of the vents is an indicator that the ducts or the filters have grown mildew or mould. This smell might not be that irritating, but over long periods of time, it can result in health complications such as asthma and other air allergies.

5) Smell Of Sulphuric Acid

Natural gas is odourless. Mercaptan, which is a detectable chemical, is added into the natural gas. If you feel a burning sensation like that of sulphuric acid, there is a chance that natural gas might be leaking. Obviously, cease using the heater immediately and contact a professional to help fix the issue.

6) Smell Of A Burnt Animal

If you are smelling something like a burnt animal, there is a chance that the heater might be overheated. In this case, you must turn the heater off immediately and contact the gas heater repair service.

Bottom Line

The reason your gas heater smells like burning can only be ruled out if you get your heater serviced regularly. Dealing with these issues on your own can be dangerous, and that is why hiring a professional gas heater service is important. This is where QuickAir comes to the rescue. We will take care of all your heating and cooling units by providing top notch service at your doorstep. Give us a call at 1300 730 896 or visit our website www.getquickair.com.au