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Is it Cheaper to Leave the Air Conditioner on All Day?

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27 May 2022
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Whether you’re located in Sydney, Perth, Hobart, Darwin or anywhere in between, it goes without saying that a decent air conditioner is your most valued appliance over the scorching hot summer months.

That being said, failure to plan ahead can result in a hefty electricity bill at the end of the summer season. So in terms of energy efficiency, which is cheaper – leaving the air conditioner on all day, or turning it off/on when needed?

Generally speaking, it works out cheaper to leave your air conditioner running non-stop on hot days – so long as it’s not on full blast! This is because when you switch it off for periods of time, the home gets hot and humid. When you come home and switch the air conditioner back on, suddenly it has to work much harder to bring the space back down to a reasonable temperature.

This back and forth exercise takes its toll on your air conditioning system; whether it’s a split-system AC unitevaporative cooling system or ducted reverse cycle aircon. Not only is this cooling process less efficient, but it will also lead to more frequent repairs and parts replacements down the line.

How to leave your air conditioner on all day and still reduce energy bills

The trick is to put your AC on a moderate temperature (as tempting as it might be to put it on the lowest temperature possible) and not crank it up to the maximum power setting. Remember that the purpose of an AC unit is to “condition the air”, not turn your home into a fridge. You’ll receive a more favourable energy bill in the mail if you keep it running throughout the day, but on a reasonable temperature and output setting.

These days, you can get smart thermostats that allow you to control your house’s air conditioning system when you’re not even at home. You can leave your air conditioning while you’re out of the house and simply increase the temperature by a few degrees remotely. Then, right before you come home, you can decrease the temperature by a few degrees via your mobile device and walk into a comfortable house without straining your AC unit.

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