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How to Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser

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23 May 2021
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If you haven’t carried out air conditioner maintenance for a while, chances are it may not work as effectively as it used to. Throughout the year, filters inside the condenser catch plenty of dirt, debris, and microbes, which can easily choke your cooling fins.

What’s more troubling is that a dirty air conditioner condenser will release dust particles or bacteria into the atmosphere, which can have serious unhealthy consequences. So, how do you clean an air conditioner condenser unit?

Air Conditioner Condenser Unit Cleaning Process

A condenser is an essential component of your cooling system and contains a fan, cooling fins, compressor, and tubes. Only a qualified air conditioner technician can safely fix the air conditioning problems such as coolant level, checking refrigerant levels, ensuring proper airflow etc.

However, below are a few basic steps to thoroughly clean an air conditioner condenser, enhancing your system’s cooling efficiency and helping you get ready for the summer.

1. Deactivate the Power Supply

Before you start the air conditioner maintenance or cleaning, make sure the power switch of your condenser is turned off. Cleaning a running air conditioner is hazardous.

2. Clean the Fins

Use a soft brush or a refrigerator coil brush and start cleaning the AC coils from the outside of the air conditioner. The fins are incredibly fragile and can be bent with a slight push; thus, extra care is required. If by chance the fins are twisted, you can rearrange them using a ‘Fin Comb’.

3. Wipe the Condenser’s Interior

Unscrew the top grill. Lift out the fan and cautiously move it aside without disturbing the electrical wires. Once you’ve made sufficient space to work around, pull out any leaves, debris and wipe the interior body with a damp cloth.

4. Hose the Fan Blades

For the fan blades, use a vacuum and a rag to thoroughly clean them. Next, tighten any loose mounting bolts. Apply a few drops of lightweight oil (avoid all-purpose oil, as they are not intended for long-term lubrication) or appropriate spray into the ports. Mop up the extra water and reinstall the fan.

5. Test the air conditioner condenser

After the central air conditioner is cleansed, activate the power to the condenser. First, switch the thermostat off, and then turn on the power. Lastly, adjust the thermostat to the cooling mode to test the air conditioning system.

6. Confirm Proper Cooling

If a dirty condenser prevents your air conditioner from working correctly, cleaning it should restore its efficiency. If not, or if your AC is blowing warm air, a more serious problem may be to blame. In this case, you must contact a professional air conditioner service.

Let Professionals Clean Your Air Conditioner

Cleaning the air conditioner condenser yourself can be tricky and even dangerous sometimes, especially if you don’t know your unit model, or if it’s your first attempt. If you are looking for a professional air conditioner technician to fix your air conditioner condenser issues, Quick Air has the answers to all your queries. We are one of the few highly competent and qualified national air conditioner installationrepair, and service providers.

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