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How Much Clearance Is Necessary Around An Outdoor AC Unit

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20 Jul 2021
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Do you want your AC unit to work properly? It’s necessary to have clearance around your outdoor air conditioner unit. Not having sufficient clearance can affect the performance of your air conditioner. Therefore, you should ensure proper clearance around your unit.

Most importantly, how much clearance your outdoor unit requires mainly depends on the surrounding material. If the material is porous, less clearance is required because the air can easily travel through it. On the other hand, you will need to leave enough clearance in case of the solid wall surrounding your outdoor AC unit.

For that reason, you should never overlook such factors when installing the outdoor air conditioning unit.

1) Outdoor AC Unit Clearance Guidelines

Clearance requirements for an outdoor AC unit vary from one manufacturer to another. For that reason, you can always refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer to ensure having the best possible clearance around your outdoor unit. The clearance requirements stipulated in the manual are standard.. So, you can have peace of mind when following their clearance guidelines.

2) Proper Clearance

Different manufacturers have varying clearance requirements for the outdoor unit. Either a professional can help, or you can refer to a manual that comes with an AC unit.

Every manufacturer recommends between 12 inches and 24 inches. All you need is to follow what’s written in your AC manual. As a result, your AC will perform efficiently.  If the material surrounding your AC unit is porous, less clearance will do the job. However, more clearance will be required if there is solid material. Sufficient clearance around an outdoor AC unit ensures proper airflow.

3) Vertical Clearance

Apart from clearance on the sides, you should leave enough room vertically. Vertical clearance should not be an afterthought when it comes to the outdoor unit. Such a clearance can ensure proper circulation of air in and out. For that reason, you should have at least 60 inches of clearance on top of your AC unit. A professional air conditioner technician can visit your home and suggest the best location for the outdoor unit installation.

If there is not sufficient clearance on either side, your air conditioner unit will draw in warm air. As a result, it will operate with less efficiency. Do you get higher energy bills? You need to focus on the proper clearance guidelines in order to avoid costly repairs and higher energy costs. Seek professional advice on outdoor unit clearance guidelines.

Professional Air Conditioner Installation Service

Sometimes, a manual provided by the manufacturer doesn’t state any clearance guidelines. Or, it doesn’t say anything about the obstructions around the outdoor air conditioner unit. Therefore, a professional air conditioner technician at QuickAir can help by providing the best solution for the installation of an outdoor AC unit. We have been doing this for more than a decade now. Our expert technicians can suggest the best location to install an outdoor air conditioner unit. Call us at 1300 730 896.