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Toshiba Air Conditioning

Toshiba, renowned for many appliances, excels as experts in air conditioning systems. Innovating with inverter technology, Toshiba air conditioners offer superior efficiency and power. Known for quality and compact, slimline units, Toshiba ensures your space needs are met without compromise.

Quick Air, a trusted provider of Toshiba air conditioner servicing, repairs, and installations, ensures professional handling of all Toshiba products. Our experienced team offers comprehensive solutions, from Toshiba air conditioner installations to routine servicing. Reach us at 1300 730 896 for expert technicians at your doorstep.


Toshiba Air Conditioner Range

Quick Air supplies, installs, and repairs a wide range of Toshiba products, including:

  • Single and Multiple Toshiba Split Systems
  • Ducted and Inverter Ducted Systems
  • Controllers
  • Ceiling Cassette and Under Ceiling Systems


Split System Air Conditioning

Toshiba’s split systems, popular in Australia, blend innovation and efficiency:

  • Hybrid inverter technology for versatile climate control.
  • Signature IAQ filter for a cleaner air environment, self-cleaning to reduce allergens.
  • 7-year warranty ensuring ongoing Toshiba air conditioner servicing and repairs.
  • Multi-Head Split System upgrades, using a single outdoor compressor for multiple rooms.

Quick Air efficiently manages installations of up to five Toshiba air conditioning systems with multiple heads.


Inverter Ducted Air System

Toshiba’s inverter ducted systems offer comprehensive climate control:

  • Reverse technology for efficient cooling and heating, reducing energy use.
  • Quiet performance with a DC twin rotary compressor.
  • Slimline ductwork suitable for all spaces.
  • Optimal zone control for customized room temperatures.


Cost of Toshiba AC System

Toshiba, a prestigious brand in Australia, offers a range of innovative heating and cooling systems. While prices vary, Quick Air provides transparent, fixed quotes for Toshiba air conditioner installations and services, with no hidden costs. We also offer flexible payment plans for convenience.


Quick Air Services and Repair

With extensive experience in HVAC systems, Quick Air delivers long-term solutions and satisfactory Toshiba air conditioner repairs (as well as Mitsubishi, Sharp, Rinnai, Samsung and any other make/model of air conditioning unit). Our technicians are available 24/7, ensuring prompt and reliable service. Call 1300 730 896 for immediate assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions? We are here!

1. How long will it take to install a Toshiba Air Conditioner?

It depends on the circumstances. We will provide the details once we evaluate the job.

2. How much will the job cost?

No new expenses will surprise you in bills. Our friendly technicians will assess and estimate a fixed price for your job. We also offer a flexible schedule for the job if needed.

3. Are you and your technicians licensed?

Quick Air is a registered HVAC qualified for any electrical and roofing work.

4. Can we pay through debit or credit cards?

Sure, you can. We accept all types of cards.

5. Can I book via email?

You can book simple web bookings, and we can reach out.

6. Can I book in advance?

Give us a call at 1300 730 896 to book our services.

7. How can I be sure you will come on time?

Our online tracking technology works best for its customers. They receive a friendly reminder when the technician is on his way.

8. How can I maintain my Toshiba appliance for long-term use?

Toshiba offers the best that it has to offer. We can provide you with various tips to get your appliance durable. Make sure to clean the filters biweekly. This will maintain the airflow and avoid the accumulation of dust.

Always go for annual or biannual HVAC Maintenance checkups to remove any possible issues. Contact your service provider for such tasks since they know better about your appliance.

9. What if I need a spare part for my Toshiba appliance?

Toshiba produces spare parts for all the appliances. You just have to inform us and find our expert at your home to sort it out for you.

10. Why is the indoor unit of my AC not working properly?

Quick Air advises certain things to find any error.

      • Check for air filters and clean them if required.
      • Look for any open space in your room.
      • Check the inlet and outlet for any blockage.
      • See whether the room has any heating/ cooling devices.

If you can’t handle the problem yourself, reach out to us on 1300 730 896. Quick Air will do the work for you without any hassle.