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Samsung Air Conditioning

About the brand Samsung

Samsung stands as a global leader in the electronics industry, ranked among the top 3 brands worldwide. This brand’s extensive product range, which includes Samsung air conditioners and Samsung split systems, has made a significant mark in the global market. Samsung’s prowess is not just in the quality of their products but also in their innovative approach, rapidly adapting to the future’s demands. This ability to innovate is evident in their range of Samsung air conditioner installations, servicing, and repair solutions.


History of Innovation and Growth

Founded in 1938 by Lee-Byung Chul in Daegu, South Korea, Samsung began as a modest trading company. By 1969, Samsung ventured into the electronics sector, laying the groundwork for what would become a major part of their business. This included the development of products like televisions, mobile phones, semiconductors, and importantly, Samsung air conditioning units. The evolution of Samsung into a multinational corporation saw them delve into various sectors, including electronics, construction, and shipbuilding, with their commitment to innovation reflected in every product.

Today, Samsung is a leader in electronics and other sectors, boasting over 300 billion US dollars in revenue and employing nearly 500,000 people worldwide. Their extensive product range in Australia includes Samsung air conditioner servicing and repair solutions, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of their air conditioning units.


Samsung Electronics Product Range in Australia

  • Smartphones, tablets, watches, and earbuds.
  • Televisions, sound devices, and accessories.
  • Home appliances, including Samsung air conditioners, Samsung split systems, laundry devices, kitchen appliances, refrigerators, dishwashers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners, and more.
  • Computers and related accessories.
  • Smart home items, cooking appliances, and clothing care solutions.

QuickAir’s expertise in Samsung air conditioner repairs, servicing, and installations ensures that customers receive the best care for their Samsung air conditioning units. Our commitment to quality service aligns with Samsung’s ethos of innovation and customer satisfaction.

At QuickAir, we can also assist with Sharp, Rinnai, Mitsubishi, Toshiba and any other make/model of air conditioning unit.


Air Conditioners from Samsung: Expert Solutions by QuickAir


Samsung Split Systems

In Australia, Samsung split systems are extremely popular for efficiently cooling or warming small spaces like rooms under 30 sq.m. These systems typically feature an indoor unit mounted high on the ceiling and an outdoor condenser unit with a fan. The use of refrigerant for heat transfer makes these units ideal for those seeking Samsung air conditioner installations in compact spaces.


Samsung Ducted Systems

Perfectly suited for the Australian climate, Samsung’s ducted systems are highly efficient and operate quietly, making them ideal for cooling or warming larger areas or offices. These systems are also split designs, with both outdoor and indoor units. They are energy-efficient and some models incorporate inverter technology, further reducing power consumption. For those needing Samsung air conditioner servicing or installations in larger spaces, these systems are an excellent choice.


Samsung Free Joint Multi-System

This category represents the pinnacle of energy efficiency in Samsung air conditioners available in Australia. The models, including Geo Wind-Free, Geo, and 1-way cassette, offer robust cooling systems. Some models feature wind-free cooling, easy-to-clean filters, and slim duct designs. Power usage ranges from 2 kW to 12.5 kW for both indoor and outdoor units, catering to diverse needs for Samsung air conditioner repairs and servicing.


QuickAir: Your Go-To for Samsung Air Conditioner Services

QuickAir stands as the industry leader in servicing, repairing, and installing Samsung air conditioners. Our reach extends across major Australian cities like Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, and Sydney. Our team comprises highly experienced technicians proficient in the latest Samsung HVAC technologies, ensuring swift and effective solutions for any Samsung air conditioner repairs or servicing needs. We prioritize customer satisfaction, offering timely services and warranties for our professional work. Whether it’s a split system, ducted system, or a multi-system, QuickAir is your one-stop solution for all Samsung air conditioner installations and related services.


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Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are Samsung products very costly as it is a top-tier brand?

Even though Samsung is a big brand, their products vary in cost but are affordable for all. The quality is excellent.

    1. Are Split systems from Samsung better for large spaces?

Split systems are designed for small rooms. The performance will be less if you consider a big space. Also, it will strain your aircon. You are advised to choose a ducted system.

    1. Are Samsung products efficient for the Australian climate?

No need to even think about it. Their product range and quality are suitable for any climate and country.