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Celair Air Conditioning and Cooling

Celair, Australia’s very own brand, boasts a rich heritage in the industry. With its main manufacturing hub nestled in Adelaide, South Australia, it’s a symbol of local pride. For over four decades, Celair has not only held its ground but has thrived amidst a sea of international competition. This success speaks volumes about the unparalleled quality and innovative drive behind Celair products.

Celair’s diverse product range extends from straightforward coolers to intricate ducted heating systems and air conditioners, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Recently, the primary focus has been on refining its proprietary innovation: Celair evaporative cooling systems.

Given that Celair is a quintessential Australian brand, the company’s deep-rooted understanding of Australian climate nuances and the preferences of Aussies is evident. Their offerings are meticulously crafted to resonate with the local sentiment, ensuring maximum comfort and bang for your buck.

In short, for those leaning towards supporting local brands and fuelling our nation’s growth, Celair is the go-to choice.


Product Range from Celair

Evaporative cooling units (heavy)

Tailored for demanding scenarios like construction sites or industrial settings, these robust units deliver exceptional cooling for expansive areas.

Celair evaporative Cooling units (light)

Ideal for homes or smaller buildings, these units are compact, cost-effective, and energy-efficient. Furthermore, these installations are more affordable than their heavy-duty counterparts, making them perfect for cooling individual rooms.

Evaporative mini coolers

While these may not hold up during intense summer heat, they’re apt for milder conditions. Economical and designed for individual cooling, they dispense cool, refreshing air, albeit not as potent as higher-end units.


Diving into evaporative cooling:

Often termed adiabatic cooling, this process involves passing hot air over a water surface, leading to the evaporation of water and subsequent cooling of the air.

A typical Celair evaporative cooling system incorporates a water reservoir, a padded layer, and a fan to modulate airflow. Apart from being eco-friendly and sustainable, these systems excel at cooling spaces with minimal energy use. They can effortlessly bring indoor temperatures down to a comfortable 20 degrees Celsius, fostering a pleasant ambiance.

In contrast to traditional air conditioners which use compressors and refrigerants, evaporative cooling employs a simple fan mechanism.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The evaporative cooling unit is supposed to run only when the water is full. Without water, the cooling fan will strain with no water and eventually burn out – causing you nothing but trouble.

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Yes, we do. We have an expert team of technicians when it comes to serving you. So, we are confident in their skill set in repairing the systems allotted to them. We provide a warranty for the services and repairs we do due to this reason and also, we like our customers to be at ease.

Celair is an excellent brand, with its origin in Australia. They have been in the air conditioning market for over 40 years, and the one reason a local brand can stay in the market so long with a vast number of strong competitors is directly due to high quality and the cutting-edge technology used in the products.