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Window AC or Central Air Conditioning; Which One is the Best

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1 Jul 2019
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With summer closing in, the soaring temperature dictates that you need a new AC if you don’t have one or if the old is barely keeping up with the heat. You have a plethora of options at your fingertips beyond the alternative of an air conditioner repair, but today we single out two conventional builds in a bid to determine which one is the perfect fit for you. On the spotlight are central AC and Window air conditioners. Take a look:

1) Installation expenses

The term window air conditioner is quite straightforward, and it usually entails a single unit, which is placed on the openings of a building, typically the windows. This unit houses all the necessary components inside this enclosure while, with a central AC, the various parts that make up the whole, e.g., condensers, compressors, evaporators, fans, and what have you, are set up in different locations inside and outside a building. Consequently, this added air conditioner installation work makes the job more expensive.

2) Maintenance comparisons

A central AC typically taps into the existing ductwork of a building or sometimes comes with its own piping to complement or replace existing piping. This comprehensive air circulatory system warrants a lot more air conditioner repair work in case of a fault and similarly also requires more frequent inspection and maintenance than a window type. The latter’s placement on windows circumvents, the need for ducts and paired with the shared housing of various components; the difference in maintenance costs is quite significant.

3) Efficiency concerns

If you’re looking to cool a room or two, window types are the go-to seeing that they use on average between 500 and 1,440 watts while a standard central AC needs about 3,500 watts of electricity given the many moving parts. However, when the number of rooms in need of air conditioning service exceeds four, the tables are turned, and a central type proves the wiser choice.

4) Floorspace considerations

If you have limited floor space to work with or are just targeting a small room, you’re better off with a window type. It barely takes up any space, save for a small part of the window and goes almost unnoticed.

5) Portability

A central AC conditioning unit is considered a long-term investment, given the extensive nature of the installation, and relocations will incur hefty air conditioner installation fees every time. A window type is less cumbersome and can be easily switched from one apartment (or room) to another should you choose to up and leave.

6) Air filtration

A central AC has excellent filtration properties, thereby ensuring impeccable air conditioning service, making it particularly suitable for people with allergies and respiratory complications such as asthma. On the flip side, a window AC still does a commendable job in this regard but not to a similar extent.

7) Hot spots

The central AC also edges its window type counterpart on account of its ability to spread out temperatures evenly within a room. The latter is prone to hotspots, i.e., a case where certain parts of the room are considerably hotter or colder than other areas.


So will it be a central AC unit or a window type air conditioner? Which one is better? Well, there is no outright wrong or right choice because it depends on your exact requirements as you’ve probably come to notice by now.