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Will a Gas Heater Work Without Electricity

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29 May 2021
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Many people have asked whether the gas heating system can work without electricity or not. As the name suggests, a gas heater primarily requires gas to function, but it cannot operate without electricity. If there is no power supply, your heater won’t turn on. However, there are some cases where the heater can still keep the water warm.

Let’s delve right into the article to find out if your gas heater will work when there is a power outage.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Whether your heater will work without electricity depends on whether your heating system is pilot light controlled or electric ignition controlled.

  • Pilot light controlled: In the case of pilot light controlled, your heating system will run normally even without electricity.
  • Electric ignition controlled: Such a heating system mainly relies on electricity to ignite the gas burner. For that reason, it will not work during a power outage. The heater won’t heat the water coming into the tank. However, the existing water may stay warm for a while. The heater will require electricity to reheat the water in the tank.

Components In A Gas Heater Require Power Supply

Do you wonder how a gas heater works? Firstly, know that a gas heater or gas furnace requires a power supply to work even if the heating system relies upon gas as its source of heat generation. However, the components used in the gas heater require electricity for it to work. Let’s take a look at some of those components:

  • Circuit boards and relays: Modern gas heating systems comprise circuit boards, relays, and other electrical components, which require electricity to function.
  • Blower motor: The blower motor serves the purpose of pushing heated air through your ducts and into the house. However, the blower motor cannot operate without a power supply.
  • Thermostat: Most thermostats rely on electricity to calibrate and communicate with the heating furnace. However, it depends on your heater, as there are few exceptions.

What to do if the power goes out?

When the power goes out, it is imperative to turn off the power supply to your gas heating system. Otherwise, it can get damaged if there are voltage fluctuations when the supply comes back. You can turn on the power supply once the electricity is restored.

During a power outage, a gas heater working on a gas pilot light will continue to work even without electricity. However, a conventional water heater will no longer heat the water in the absence of a power supply. Water may stay warm depending on the size, location, and insulation of the heater. Consider installing a generator to power your home (including a gas heater) if your area experiences frequent periods of power outages.

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