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Why My Air Conditioning is Making My Home Dusty

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5 Feb 2019
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You might just have cleaned your home but some minutes later you spot dust on your furniture. And you wonder where the dust is coming from because you have your windows and doors well sealed.

Your air conditioner could be the source of your frustration. Yes! you heard me right. The same HVAC system that should be cleaning the air in your home could be the main reason you are having unending dust.

Read on to find out why your air conditioning is making your home dusty and what to do about it.

1. Leaky Ductwork

Leaky ductwork could be one reason why your air conditioning is making your home dusty. Duct leaks are a very big problem for homeowners and they contribute to most of the dust you find in your home.

In any air conditioner installation, the ducts are always located in the attics, basement and behind walls. These are naturally dirty places with a lot of dust. Your HVAC system sucks the dust from these areas into the air ducts and distributes the dust in your home.

What to do

You can solve this problem by getting your air duct sealed to prevent the air conditioning from sucking unconditioned air and blowing it into your home.

If you are handy, you can carry out the air conditioner repair on your own, or better yet hire an air conditioning service provider. These professionals will carry out duct repairs and do duct sealing using special mastic duct tapes.

2. Inadequate Filtration

Air conditioners work by sucking unconditioned air then passes it through air filters for cleaning before circulating it into your home. So if your HVAC system has faulty or low-quality filters, little or no dirty will be filtered. As a result, the air circulated into our home will contain a lot of pollutants and dust.

What to do

The trick to keeping away dust from your home lies in choosing effective filtration systems for your air conditioner installation. Always select high-quality filters with a high MERV(Media Efficiency Rating Value) rating. Such filters tend to be more efficient and they can trap even the smallest dust particles like pollen. The air that will be circulated into your home will, therefore, be well conditioned and free from dust.

However, be keen not to choose filters that are too strong. These might block airflow and reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning system. In the end, it will strain your air conditioner and increase your energy bills. So be sure to talk to your air conditioner service company on the best filters that fit your needs.

It is advisable to carry out air conditioner service at least once a month to check that your air filters are effectively removing dust from the air before it is circulated in your home. Also, change the filtration systems as needed to improve their efficiency and reduce the amount of dust that escapes into your home.


The two factors above explain why your air conditioning is making your home dusty. If the dust doesn’t disappear even after making air conditioner repair and maintenance suggested, then its time to contact a professional air conditioner service provider who will check your air conditioner installation and suggest a better solution.