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Why My Air Conditioner Won’t Shut Off

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23 Apr 2020
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Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to stay in a hot room without an air conditioner. We all hate being hot. The invention of air conditioning units can be considered one of the greatest inventions around, and today it is nearly impossible to find a home without this essential machine. Thanks to the potential benefits they offer, it is hard to imagine a world without air conditioners.

While we love warm homes, most homeowners usually wonder whether it is better to keep the AC running all day or to turn it off while they are away. You certainly want to stretch every single dollar, and you want the most efficient way of running your HVAC. Leaving your air conditioner to function all day even while you are away can potentially lead to increased monthly energy bills and this is why you want to turn it off when no one is at home.

What’s more, leaving the air conditioner on throughout the day will potentially damage your system. You will see many years added to the life of your air conditioner if you use it only when necessary. This is why if you realize that your air conditioner won’t shut off, you should be deeply concerned. Due diligence should guide you toward finding a qualified, licensed and experienced air conditioner repair to diagnose your heating and cooling unit as soon as possible.

So, what might cause your air conditioner not to turn off?

There are a couple of reasons that might be causing your AC to run all day without shutting off as programmed. These include:

1. Dirty condenser coils:

If your air conditioner is poorly maintained, one of the most common problems you’ll face is dirty condenser coils, which can be the root of many issues. When the condenser coils become dirty, their ability to dissipate is significantly jeopardized. As dirt and debris collect on the coils, the air conditioner becomes less efficient, making your air conditioner work harder to cool your home. And if the coils are extremely dirty, your AC won’t be able to maintain the recommended temperature and the compressor will run continuously to cool your room. You’ll have to contact your local air conditioner expert for assistance.

2. A malfunctioning thermostat:

The temp control thermostat offers voltage to the compressor and the fan motor. And if the thermostat has shortened out, it can potentially send continuous voltage to the AC’s compressor, making the compressor to run throughout. Being a highly sensitive component, the thermostat should only be handled by a professional.

3. Leaky ducts:

If your home has old duct work, the chances are high that your home will lose lots of cool air via the leaks. If lots of cool air is escaping through the leaky ducts, the temperature in your home will not be able to attain the set point and this means that your unit will keep running.

4. Incorrectly sized air conditioner unit:

If you have installed an air conditioner that is not suited to the temperature demands of your home, or you’ve just renovated your space without changing your AC, then you may face this type of problem. This is because your unit is no longer adequate to handle the temperature demands of your home. You’ll need to call your local air conditioner service provider to come and conduct what is known as a load calculation depending on the size, design, sun exposure and temperature demands of your home.

5. Low refrigerant charge:

If there is insufficient refrigerant in your air conditioner, probably as a result of a leak in the coils, your HVAC won’t be able to effectively cool your room. This implies that your air conditioner will keep running as it strives to cool your home. When this happens, you’ll need an experienced air conditioner repair professional to identify, diagnose and restore your AC’s refrigerant to the recommended level.

6. Fan and blower motor issues:

If either your unit’s fan or the blower motor is not working as intended, your air conditioner will likely lose some of its efficiency, a phenomenon that will force it to work harder to cool your home and this means it won’t be able to shut off.

These are some of the things that are likely to cause your air conditioner to run continuously. As we have previously mentioned, you should act fast and contact your local air conditioner repair professional to come and diagnose the problem. Contact Quick Air for a quick solution at 1300 730 896.