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Why is My Ducted Heating Not Working in All Rooms?

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28 May 2021
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While ducted heating is ideal for a house to feel comfortable and livable, this warmth can become a problem if the distribution of air is not equal in all rooms of the house. The phenomenon of uneven air distribution of heat in all rooms is known as uneven heating and can be quite troublesome. Ducted heater service by QuickAir can help in finding solutions for this dilemma.

1) Lack of Maintenance

Among the most common ducted heater problems, lack of maintenance is a big issue that can be remedied immediately. Professional heater service can help in avoiding any long-term disasters. When it comes to HVAC systems, proper maintenance and service must be provided for smooth functioning. This is because there are tons of parts in the machinery that can get clogged, dirty, or get undone over time. Experts suggest that ducted heater service should be carried out every 12 months.

2) Air Filter Clogging

Whether  it is air conditioners or heaters; clogged systems are the most basic and common occurrence that can be solved in no time. Over time, the filter in the internal parts of the system is bound to gather up dust, dirt, or debris. It is suggested that the air filters be cleaned after regular intervals to avoid any issues with airflow. Once the airflow is fine, the heating in all rooms will be even as well.

3) Leaks In Ductwork

Next up, this is one problem that would require you to get ducted heater repair services. Uneven heating is commonly caused by leaks in the ductwork, which can sometimes be easily identified by a non-professional eye as well. As a result of leaks in the ductwork, the air circulated will escape causing uneven heating in different rooms of your house. While this might seem like a complex problem, it can be tackled by QuickAir experts.

4) Size of the Heater

Getting machinery and electrical equipment for a house requires an expert opinion, so that one can get the unit that fits their needs well. Too small of a furnace installed in a big house will result in uneven heating. Since the unit is of a smaller size, it would not be able to generate enough heat to circulate the house. The structure and the size of the house should be kept into consideration while making a purchase decision. A simple solution for this dilemma is to get professional advice before you buy a replacement.

5) Thermostat Trouble

Another component to look out for when facing ducted heater problems is the thermostat. If the house is too big and there is just one thermostat for controlling the temperature, the heating can be uneven. Sometimes thermostats also break down. Malfunction in the system can be due to defective sensors or old batteries.

Once a proper inspection is done, QuickAir professionals can conduct ducted heater repair solving the uneven heating dilemma in no time. Call us at 1300 730 896.