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Why Is My Air Conditioner Dripping Water?

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14 Jan 2021
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An air conditioner is an appliance that should not be left out of any modern home. They have become a necessity and an exceptional system in any home. Air conditioners help improve indoor air quality, prevent heat-related illness and allergies, enhance right security measures, and protect your electronic devices from overheating.

Every homeowner would desire that the air conditioning system would last forever and continue running smoothly. However, without proper air conditioner maintenance, your system becomes less efficient, and eventually you will require costly repairs. Over time, the system is also likely to develop problems due to the changing weather and constant usage.

The air conditioner dripping water is one of the most common issues associated with this system. The damage from a dripping or leaky air conditioning system can be annoying and expensive. It might result in having costly air conditioner repair, or you will suffer from poor indoor air quality and increased moisture in your house.

The AC dripping water is an air conditioner problem you should address promptly. A leaky AC unit is a delicate problem that is best left to professionals to correct. However, it’s advisable to switch off the system to avert any costly damage to your home.

Reasons Why an Air Conditioner Is Dripping Water- What to Know

Before looking for air conditioner service from professionals, let’s look at the key causes of a leaky AC unit. And they include:

1. Air Leakage

The air passing through the system should pass via a vent if the air conditioner installation was done properly. However, if the ductwork has not been properly installed or sealed, the moisture might be drawn into the system and mix with the cooler air.

Cooler air in the ducts will cause condensation to form. The water eventually will have to find a way out, and you immediately notice the air conditioner dripping water.

2. Low Refrigerant Levels

If your AC unit is low on refrigerant and air conditioner maintenance was not undertaken at the right time, it will start to freeze while in use. Every time the system shuts down, the ice will melt and drip water.

3. Clogged Condensate Drain Line

The drain lines usually let water accumulate in the aircon and then move it without dripping outside. However, the condensate line can clog with debris, fungi, algae, sludge or dust, and the water will eventually back up into the house.

The good news is that this is an air conditioner problem you can DIY, as there are reliable unclogging methods to use. But then again, the surefire solution is to call a professional for top-notch air conditioner service.

4. Clogged Air Filter

The air filter sometimes gets clogged and blocks airflow over the evaporator coils. The coil will get cold and freeze. When the cold air melts, it will drip excess water that can cause unexpected damage and expensive air conditioner problems.

5. Broken Condenser Pump

If you have installed the air conditioner inside your house, it may come with a condensation pump. This pump helps push the collected water out to avoid further damage. However, if the pump breaks down, there will be no way out for the water to escape, and it will start dripping. Hence, regular air conditioner service is essential to cater for such problems.

6. Outside Temperature is too Low

When temperatures drop below 16 degree Celsius, your cooling coils may freeze and start dripping water when they meet.

7. Improper Installation

Proper air conditioner installation is imperative, and professionals should undertake it. If there are no visible signs of AC unit damage and your unit is new and still drips water, you will need to have it re-installed.

During the air conditioner installation procedure, ensure every section of the system is correctly installed. If any part is missing or poorly installed, the AC unit can’t prevent water dripping.

Get Your Air Conditioner Fixed Quickly

There will come a time when your AC unit will need the right air conditioner repair. There are some common AC unit problems you can do yourself and excel in your endeavors. However, issues like air conditioner dripping water are best handled by professionals.

QuickAir is licensed, experienced and certified to offer air conditioner maintenance, installation and repair services. We will fix the problem that is giving you sleepless nights. If unclogging the drain line or filters didn’t work, fret no more. Contact our expert technicians near you for high-quality air conditioner repair and have your AC problems solved. Call now on 1300 730 896.