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Why Does My Ducted Heating Not Blowing Hot Air?

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1 Jun 2021
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A ducted heating system is used in our homes and big buildings to provide the best possible heating capacities. There are technical issues that sometimes get out of order, but the reason is not the same every time. There are times when you might ask,“Why is my ducted heating not blowing hot air?” Ducted heater problems are real and generally faced by every user.

Instead of instantly calling a service center, you can do a self-check by determining the circuit flow, gas supply, and battery fittings. Still, some people do not understand how to perform these checks..

Here we have the common FAQs to clarify queries about ducted heater problems.

Does Ducted Heater Require Services?

The technical fittings require regular follow up by the experts to function without issues. Many small ducted heater problems become the cause of big issues. See why ducted heater service is important on this article.

The common issues are:

  • The error blinking on the thermostat
  • The blank screen of the heater shows no sign of functioning
  • A burning smell that is worrying
  • Unfamiliar noises from the ducted heating
  • The fan running at odd times
  • Intermittent gas supply and a strange light blinking

These are some of the common issues that are seen by many who own a ducted heater. Timely maintenance can prevent bigger issues blowing out your costs.

Why Is My Ducted Heating Not Blowing Hot Air?

This is the most asked question and observed problem by those who use ducted heating. Possibly you have been present when the  ducted heating stops blowing hot air. Heating and cooling systems use air filters. The blockage of these filters often ends up blowing improper or no air. To ensure frequent airflow, we need to keep a proper check on the cleaning of the filters.

Quite often the filters need a technical check and require ducted heater repair for determining the root cause. For hassle-free service, Quick Air licensed technicians can provide excellent services at affordable prices. To ensure trouble free ducted heating operation, regular and professional maintenance is required by qualified technicians. Call us at 1300 730 896.