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What’s the Most Efficient Way to Heat a House

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3 Apr 2019
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Studies have shown that more than 50% of the energy bill in most households is consumed by heating expenses. Home heating is very important especially during winter months. However, with the cost of energy going up by the day, most people are now looking for the most efficient ways to heat their houses. Some experts argue that the most efficient way to heat a house is by warming it when you need it. Some even recommend that you should vary the temperature in rooms each depending on usage so as to avoid wasting energy. All these are brilliant ideas that can lower your monthly energy bill. However, it does not answer the fundamental question and that is: What’s the most efficient way to heat a house?

Why choose a highly efficient heating system

The main reason to choose a highly efficient heating system is to help lower your energy cost. Studies have shown that a highly efficient heating system can cut your energy bill by half or even more.

If you are planning to overhaul your current heating system with a new one that is more efficient, then you need to understand different types of heating system that are currently available on the market. Below are the main heating options available on the market.

  • Oil heating
  • Electric heating
  • Wood heating
  • Heat pump heating
  • Geothermal heating
  • Solar heating
  • Natural gas heating

Remember that when talking about the most efficient home heating systems, then we can take different angles. Some people consider environmental cost, others financial cost while others consider how efficient the heater converts energy to heat. If you are considering financial cost, then you need to factor in the total cost of installation, maintenance, and monthly energy cost. When considering environmental cost then you need to factor in greenhouse emission and other pollutants. Lastly, when considering energy conversion efficiency which is what many people are interested in, you need to factor in the cost of installation, maintenance, and your monthly energy bill.

If you factor both financial cost, environmental cost, and conversion efficiency, the most efficient home heating system is solar heating while the least efficient is electric heating. Today, solar heating is ranked as the most energy efficient home heating system. It is also the cheapest to install because it does not require the use of specialized equipment. However, its major setback is that it only works when there is a consistent supply of sunlight, which is almost impossible during cold winter months when heating systems are needed the most. The most viable home heating options that most homeowners are left with is electric heating, wood heating, and natural gas heating.

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