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What Size Room will a 5kw Air Conditioner Cool?

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4 Dec 2021
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To answer the questions in fewer words, “A 5kW air conditioner can cool between a 20 to 35 sqm size room, but there are many factors that come into play when choosing which one is best for you.” Some things to consider include whether your windows face east or west and if the ceiling in the space has insulation installed on it.

Summer in Australia is not always welcomed with open arms by the locals. The only way to escape the heat at home when it’s hot outside, of course, is a pool or beach visit; but those who have neither are stuck inside all day (and night) long. To combat this problem – homes everywhere now sport air conditioners as one of their most popular summertime purchases. But what size should I get? In addition, which would be the most suitable for my house and lifestyle?

The temperature has been rising steadily over these past few months here Down Under – especially so during daylight hours – like right now! Although there may still be some time before we’re hit with full-on summer weather conditions around Perth, now might be the time to purchase a new AC

Let’s find out how you can find the right size air conditioner for your home?

Choosing the RIGHT size air conditioner

You will need to determine your room size first and then decide on a suitable air conditioner. Air conditioning systems are rated in watts per square meter, so the more space you have, the more recommended the AC system is. The best sites for calculating this area include Cost of Living Australia and EnergyAustralia where they provide calculators that work out how much power is needed based on a variety of house features like insulation levels, ceiling height, etc., as well as providing guidelines about what wattage would be appropriate depending on climate zone or location within an apartment complex (in case there’s central cooling).

To make you understand as a rookie, the right size air conditioner for your home is often determined by the square footage of each space being cooled. Calculate how many feet are in every room and multiply that number times itself, then divide it by 8 to determine what BTU capacity you need.

Do the SIZE calculations

To calculate the size of an air conditioner, multiply the length times width of a room or area to be cooled. Multiply that total by 25 BTU per square foot for adequate cooling, whether rainy and moist outside or hot with humid weather conditions. For example, if we have 12 feet wide and 15 feet long space in our home (180 sq ft), then 180×25=4500 BTU capacity is needed as the minimum amount required before you purchase any unit at all.

Why is there a debate about whether to use smaller air conditioners or larger ones? Smaller units will always be running to maintain the room temperature, which can increase your electric bill and make it difficult for these appliances. Larger BTU models may not have as many issues with electricity since they do less work on keeping up than their small counterparts. Some people are unsure what unit size would best suit their needs better; that’s where QuickAir comes in!

Don’t buy a too large air conditioner

It may be tempting to get an AC so large it can cool a house in minutes, but there are drawbacks too. Larger air conditioners will cool faster because they have more surface area, and the heavier cooling coils at their base pull-down hot air quickly enough for them not to add humidity back into your home just as fast.

However, if you only run the unit when temperatures rise above 75 degrees or humidity levels start creeping up during peak hours of operation (typically early morning through the late evening). Then these units might end up making things worse by pulling humidified warm room temperature air from inside out before extracting moisture content. Smaller models would do better due to running continuously over more extended periods with shorter intervals between cycles throughout each day.

Bottom line

To ensure a perfect home environment, it is best to measure the area you will be cooling and calculate your BTU requirements before purchasing an air conditioner. Remember, that too little can leave areas of the house hot, while too much could result in broken windows or increased utility bills.

Contact our professional team at QuickAir for assistance with finding the perfect air conditioner. Whether you need a window AC or central, we’re just a call away! Call now at 1300 730 896.