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Noisy Air Conditioners

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17 May 2016
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If your air conditioner is making noise, it’s a sign that there is probably something wrong with it. Whether it is a subtle sound or reminds you of a revving motorbike, you should definitely not ignore it.

Common air conditioning issues can vary from broken fans to blocked filters and more – it can be difficult to figure out what the problem is before the whole unit breaks down. However, you may be able to diagnose the issue if you listen carefully.

Humming and Rattling

It is normal for air conditioners to hum lightly as the fan reverberates inside and causes vibrations. However, there is a big difference between a light hum and a harsh/strong hum. The harsh hum is often coupled with a rattling sound, which probably means the fan is loose, bent or needs to be cleaned.

A dirty fan is an easy fix – simply clean it! However, a loose or bent fan is a more technical issue and you should get your local air conditioner repair man to come and fix it for you with the right tools.


If your air conditioner is making a very obvious and harsh grinding sound, then it probably means that the motors are not sufficiently lubricated. The majority of air conditioners have unsealed motors so you can prevent the unit from overworking and overheating if you oil the motor when the temperature begins to climb.

The coils, like the fans, can also get dirty. If they get blocked up, they can cause a grinding and rattling sound. The coils can also bend, so it is best to get professional help because it’s possible to damage or snap off the coils if you apply too much pressure.

While we do encourage you to clean your air conditioning unit on your own where possible, there are some issues that perseverance and elbow grease can’t remedy. In those cases, you should call our friendly QuickAir professionals for a comprehensive maintenance and repair service. Call us on 1300 730 896