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Is Now a Good Time for Furnace Maintenance?

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7 Jun 2021
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Maintenance is a constant need around the house, and if you are a homeowner, you must constantly be on your feet, scheduling repairs and maintenance throughout the year. Instead of waiting for the right time or until your furnace breaks down, now is the best time to look into your HVACs and get them up to the mark!

If you are thinking about the perfect time for your furnace maintenance, there is no better time than now! Even if you don’t feel like your heater requires maintenance immediately, you must still get it checked before it is needed to avoid inconveniences later.

Some of the most important reasons why you must get furnace maintenance now are higher efficiency, lower energy costs, and, most importantly, greater convenience at times of need!

Benefits of getting a furnace repair right now

1) Lower utility bills and energy costs:

By keeping your furnace up-to-date, you will maximize its efficiency and allow it to work at its peak during the winters. On the other hand, a build-up and a delay in maintenance will only mean it works at a reduced capacity. Regular heater service may help you reduce your energy costs by up to 20%, and a little planning may allow you to save a lot this winter season!

2) Prolonged life of Your Furnace:

With regular servicing, you are bound to increase the life expectancy of your furnace by 30% to 50%. While an unmaintained heater may last you less than 10 years, a furnace that is constantly maintained annually may increase its life expectancy to up to 12 to 20 years. Moreover, this is a better choice economically as well; as the price of a new furnace surpasses the cost of annual maintenance and any professional help.

3) Keeps the furnace running efficiently:

More than anything else, regular maintenance and service are some of the essential things that will help your furnace run efficiently and help you save up on costs, time, and energy. Through scheduled maintenance by professional heater technicians, you can make your life a lot easier and avoid all inconveniences.

It’s never too soon for a furnace service!

Considering all the reasons above, you need to get your furnace serviced now to make it working at peak efficiency throughout the year. This way, you may not only save up for better investments in the future, but also carry out preventative measures instead of having to go through the trouble of replacing your unit, which will probably cost you a lot more too!

Taking a step now will make your life and future better, so what are you waiting for? You see, now really is the perfect time to schedule your furnace tune-up! Call Quick Air today at 1300 730 896 to book an expert technician.