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How to Take Care of Your Ducted Air Conditioning System

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13 Dec 2019
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One major benefit of ducted air conditioning systems is that you can set different temperatures for each room in your home. This gives you more control as you are able to monitor your energy consumption and cut down on your power bills.

However, to enjoy more of these benefits, you need to service your air conditioner regularly. Ducted air conditioning maintenance is vital if you want your priceless investment to last for a long time.

Failure to service your air conditioner regularly could result in costly repairs. In some cases, poor ducted air conditioning repair may damage the unit and force you to replace the entire system. For this reason, it is always important to enlist an experienced air conditioning professional.

With that said, here are some of the issues that may arise if you do not service your ducted air conditioner appropriately:

  • Reduced efficiency of the air conditioner
  • Increased energy consumption and power bills
  • Contamination of the air in your space
  • Gradual malfunctions leading to major repairs or replacements

To prevent these issues from escalating and preserve the performance of your air conditioner, you are advised to clean and maintain your air conditioning system regularly.

Here are some tips on how to take care of your ducted air conditioning system

Perform regular checks regularly

Taking care of your ducted system can be easy, but only if you check on it regularly. Performing regular checks can help you notice any malfunctions, leaks and insulation problems before they become worse. You should also be able to take immediate action to repair any malfunctions.

Clean or replace the filters at least twice a year

Air con filters prevent debris and contaminants from infiltrating your space. If you have a ducted air conditioning system installed in your home, you should take the initiative to learn how to clean and replace the filters. Cleaning the filters in an air conditioning system is a do-it-yourself job given that it does not require any sophisticated equipment.

Clean condenser coils and air grills as required

Cleaning the condenser coils is a more complicated task that might require the expertise of a technician. However, you may use the manual that came with your air conditioner to learn how to clean the coils and air grills appropriately.

Consult a professional ducted air conditioning service

You should have your ducted system checked by a professional at least twice a year depending on its condition. The technician will be able to determine whether the air conditioner is in good shape or not.

Hire a ducted air conditioning system expert

You can only do so much to take care of your ducted air conditioning system. However, tasks such as ducted air conditioning installation, repair and replacement, are best left to a professional technician.

Air con professionals have the necessary expertise on how to diagnose and resolve problems appropriately. Moreover, enlisting the services of a professional can go a long way to ensure that your ducted air conditioning system is functioning optimally.

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