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How to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC Units

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7 Nov 2019
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Heating and cooling units have become an integral part of both commercial and residential settings, thanks to the vast benefits they guarantee. Air conditioners not only provide improved air quality and comfortable temperatures, but also prevent your home electronic devices from overheating, but equally results in improved health. What’s more, today’s HVAC units are highly durable, offering extended years of service.

Despite their numerous benefits, heating and cooling units are highly demanding systems that need regular repair and maintenance services to operate at optimal levels. Without repair and maintenance routine, your air conditioning system will gradually become less effective and efficient, consuming lots of energy resulting in increased monthly energy bills. If not properly serviced and maintained, heating and cooling bills can potentially constitute more than half of your total utility expenses! So, today in this post, we want to provide you with practical and proven tips on how to improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. Peruse the article and get to know.

1. Fix all the leaks in your attic, around the doors or windows:

If you didn’t know, air leaks are a major cause of decreased energy efficiency in your home. If there are leaks within your home, cool air that has been circulated in your house by the air conditioner will always move outside. Unfortunately, this implies that your cooling and heating system will be forced to operate longer than necessary to create the desired temperature in your home and this will, in turn, result in increased energy bills. So, to enhance your unit’s overall efficiency, make sure that there are no visible leaks in your windows, doors as well as in your attic.

2. Provide some shade for your outdoor condenser:

We all know how sweltering summer heat can get! This heat can have a detrimental impact on your outdoor condenser unit, especially if necessary measures aren’t taken to cover and protect the HVAC outside unit. Lots of heat will actually cause an outside unit to strain just to cool your home. To help reduce the wear and tear and strain on your outside system, you should try to put some form of shade over it. However, you should be careful not to obstruct air circulation. You should hire an air conditioner service provider to help to do it successfully.

3. Take advantage of ceiling fans:

During the summer months, you always depend on your air conditioner to provide you with the cool air, especially when the heat gets to an oppressive level! However, you shouldn’t forget to use your ceiling fans as well. Ceiling fans are not only fairly more affordable, but can equally cool your home without hiking up your monthly bills. Use ceiling fans to distribute cool air throughout your house as opposed to leaving your air conditioning units running constantly. There are some great Energy Star rated ceiling fans to choose from.

4. Routinely clean and service your air filter:

When your HVAC achieves maximum airflow, it will always function at optimal levels and desired efficiency rates. However, with dirty and clogged filters, your heating and cooling won’t achieve this level of efficiency.

To be more precise, dirty and clogged filters prevent the free air circulation, a phenomenon that makes your air conditioner work even harder to attain the desired room temperature. It only implies that due diligence should guide you toward finding a reputable air conditioner maintenance expert to help ensure your unit remains in tip-top conditioner.

5. Keep an eye over your dryer and oven:

During extremely hot months, don’t use the dryer and oven quite often. These appliances are known to result in warm air being distributed throughout your house. Your air conditioner will only be forced to work fairly harder to effectively tackle this unwanted surge of warmth.

6. Schedule routine, preventive maintenance:

To ensure that your heater or air conditioner functions as effectively as required, you should have professionals inspect, service and repair your heating and cooling unit regularly. Don’t worry! Quick Air is here to help you. We have highly experienced professionals who will ensure that everything in your system is functioning properly and that there are no significant efficiency issues. Just give us a call at 1300 730 896