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How To Fix Air Conditioner Not Cooling Issue

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8 Jun 2018
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Naturally, when the outside temperatures rise, most of us tend to stay indoors and enjoy the cooling airflows from our air conditioner. But what happens when it is not working to your satisfaction? What makes your air conditioner not cooling although it is still on as usual? Where should you go to spend the whole day? There are so many issues that might happen with air conditioning system. Therefore, it is better to get prepared with the following tips.

1. Check your air filter

The most common reason why your air conditioner does not blow cool airflows is that the air filter can get clogged with dust or debris. As a result, it will restrict the circulation of air into your house through the evaporator coils. In worse cases, a dirty air filter might cause an accumulation of ice or frost, which results in other serious issues. Therefore, make sure to clean this part at least 2 or 3 times a year. In case it is too filthy or broken, it is better to have it replaced by a professional air conditioning technician.

2. Clean the outside unit or the condenser

Since it is installed outside the house, a condenser unit is more susceptible to damaging components such as dirt, dust, and debris. After a long time of accumulating, these elements will impede the circulation of cool air flows in your conditioning system, thereby stop producing cold air. To ensure a normal operation, it is advisable to clean this area frequently, at least once in two months.

3. Examine the fan motor

Problems with the fan motor is another reason why your air conditioning system might be working but not cooling as expected. In most AC units, this part plays an essential role in the carrying of cool air through the evaporator coils into your house. If it is running slowly or broken, the air won’t flow, resulting in the accumulation of ice or frost on the coils. In these cases, the quickest and most effective way to fix is to have it replaced by a qualified air conditioning service technician.

Why should you use Quick Air services?

The last thing you want on a boiling hot day in the summer might be a properly working air conditioner. That is the reason why it is important to perform regular maintenance checks to make sure you identify any issues before they occur. We, Quick Air Services can help you with any air conditioning problems. Whether it is a faulty or a dirty filter, our team of experienced and skilled air conditioning repair technicians can give you the necessary support and information to ensure that your aircon can work properly and cool your house to your satisfaction.

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