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How To Change The Battery in Mitsubishi Air Conditioner Remote?

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5 Feb 2021
1 Min Read

Mitsubishi heating and cooling systems have been on the market for decades, having cemented their status as arguably the best HVAC systems across the globe. They provide a variety of HVAC systems of all sizes that range from small-housed devices to large industrial systems.

Because Mitsubishi units feature remote controls, users may experience a few remote control-related issues on occasion. Generally, you can fix your HVAC’s remote control issues with basic maintenance, regular cleaning, or battery replacement.

Remote control failure can be caused by a number of problems, and this is why it is important that you contact your local air conditioner technician to help diagnose and solve your air conditioner remote control problem. Air conditioner remote control problems can be caused by; proximity, a clogged sensor, and worn-out batteries.

And if the remote control device is close enough to the unit but somehow fails to issue the desired command, the chances are high that the batteries inside your remote device might be worn out and you will have to replace them. This task can be accomplished  without the involvement of a technician.

You just need to get the right batteries – you can always refer to your users’ manual to confirm you are using the appropriate type and size of batteries. After getting the batteries, you just need to flip your remote control device over and deftly slide the cover down as far as it can go to expose the batteries. Next, remove the old batteries and replace them with the new ones, and you are done. Of course, if your remote doesn’t work even after you have replaced the batteries, you’ll need to contact your local air conditioning technician for further assistance.

For more information, refer Mitsubishi manual.