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How Do I Fix Error E5 On My Air Conditioner?

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14 Apr 2021
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If you own an air conditioning unit, then there will probably come a time when you’ll experience some problem with it. If your unit has an LCD panel, then you have a clue as to what type of problem it’s experiencing through the error code that is being displayed. A common error code seen by many air conditioning unit owners is the E5 error code. Now, you probably want to know what you need to do when you see this error? Should you call an air conditioner repair service? Or should you try to fix the problem yourself?

If you see an E5 error code on your AC unit, the first thing that you need to remember is not to panic. As mentioned above, this error is quite common. There’s also no need to call for an air conditioner service right away. It’s perfectly safe to try to fix the problem yourself as long as you follow the instructions you’ll find here in this article. It’s only natural to feel a little worried when you see an error on your air conditioner. After all, you invested a significant amount of money in it. But most common ac problems are minor ones and can be easily fixed.

When you see an E5 error on your air conditioner it means that the water collection tank is full. So the solution to the problem is to drain the water collection tank. This is something that is easy to do yourself without needing to call a professional AC repairer. Firstly, you need to leave the bottom drain cap off and wait until the water in the tank is completely drained out. Secondly, you need to restore the cap. Thirdly, you need to check if the error code still appears. If you can’t see the error code anymore, then that means you have solved the problem. You can now enjoy using your air conditioning unit again.

What happens, however, if you encounter a more serious problem? If your unit is new, then you can call the store where you bought your unit. Or you can turn to the company that installed the air conditioner in your home. Since these people are professionals, they’ll probably be able to help you solve your problem. Choosing the right air conditioner repair company is important. If you’re happy with the company that installed your unit, then you can also call that company if you need some repairs to be done. You should choose a company with a good track record of being able to fix air conditioning problems. Still confused? Just give us a call on 1300 730 896. We can send one of our expert technicians to help you. We have licensed technicians all over Australia who can be at your doorstep on the same day.