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How Do I Fix Error E4 on My Air Conditioner?

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7 Apr 2021
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Are you confused about an ‘E4’ error code on your air conditioner? Can’t understand how to solve this issue? If your answer is yes, don’t worry anymore. You have come to the right place. Here is the way out!

In this post, I’m going to share how to fix error E4 on your air conditioner! You may be asking the following questions:

● What should I do when my air conditioner shows an error code?

● While displaying an error code, is it dangerous to run my air conditioner?

● How can I effectively solve an error code to avoid malfunctions of my air conditioner?

Your AC’s error codes are a little bit concerning, but most of them are easy to resolve with the tips we are going to share below. Now, let’s delve into them.

What Is An E4 Error Code?

According to the experts, the E4 error is not actually an air conditioner error. Then, what is it? The E4 fault indicates that the unit is going into defrost mode, and somehow it causes your unit to malfunction, and the result is the system gets too cold.

There is the chance that a defective temperature sensor causes your AC to go into defrost mode.

What Happens When Your AC Goes Into Defrost Mode?

There are a number of reasons your AC turns into defrost mode. These are the most common causes:

● Pressure imbalance

● A cracked heat pump

● Your AC suffers low Freon

● You run your AC in a too cold state

● An outdoor or indoor faulty temperature sensor

What Should You Do When Your AC Displays An Error Code?

When the unit goes into defrost mode, there is actually nothing to do. Your system will run under protection until it can securely run as an air conditioner.

Once your air conditioner no longer senses ice on the evaporator coil, then the system will continue operating again.

When you’re facing an E4 issue on your AC, there are some maintenance tasks that might help your AC continue operating. Let’s have a look at them:

● You can change the air filters

● Ensure you have an ample power supply

● Try to clean the condenser and evaporator

● Hire a professional to check the refrigerant levels

If you continue to deal with this same issue, you should think of contacting an air conditioner service and make sure you contact the experts.


If you follow these suggestions, it does not necessarily mean you will cease to encounter the E4 error in your HVAC system. An air conditioner system is more complex, and the components are interrelated and dependent on each other.

It is frequently on the hottest days that our air conditioners suffer breakdowns. So make sure you contact Quick Air experts to help you get back your cool! Call us on 1300 730 896