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Heating Tips That Help to Prepare Your Home For Winter

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20 Mar 2018
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Australia, a continent surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans, is known for low winter temperatures. The winter here lasts from June to August with the average temperature of 5°C. In addition, this temperature seems even lower because of the cold winds, due to which people understand the necessity of utilising professional heating services on time.

Installing a heating system is not as simple as drinking a glass of water. Winter has come around and all you need is helpful tips to get prepared your home for winter with a heating system.


Get to know here-

Maintain Furnace

Before the winter arrives, make sure the furnace works well. This can be done by checking the filter and getting it cleaned. You might need a professional help to complete a full inspection. Don’t hesitate to contact Quick Air. We will ensure that heating elements and ignition system are working accurately.

Know About Window Treatments

It’s time to manage your curtains. Closing curtains during cold weather help reducing heat loss by ten per cent. What kind of curtains can be used? Preferably, use curtains lined with a woven and thick fabric. Even, placing two curtains i.e. a double-layered curtain would work if you don’t have thick ones.

Chimney Sweep

Winters demand cleanliness for transmitting heat properly. So, clean all the heating appliances like burning gas, vents and chimney. Contact our heating repair services if any appliance is not functioning well. This will prevent carbon monoxide from grovelling into your home and prevent chimney fires.

Professional Performance on Heating System

This includes vacuuming the vents and other heating essentials. Keep an eye on heating appliances that need replacement. Also, you can save energy by installing a setback thermostat. This balances the temperature in winter and keeps the home cooler while you are away or fall asleep.

What about Hot Water Heater?

One can save the fuel by insulating old water heaters. With appropriate instructions, you can accomplish this task, but make sure you don’t insulate pre-insulated water heaters. This is where a heater installation is required. You need professional help, which sometimes might be free, but is available at low costs in Australia!

Don’t Let the Pipes Freeze

Without any doubt, it is well-known that a burst pipe can cost more than your budget for water damage. Clean all the pipes and drain water from them. Let your home experience insulated piping. This will help prevent cracks in the pipe. For more information, contact trusted company for good results.

Inspect Your Roof

Look for any damaged shingles, so that you get it repaired before winter hits your home. Get all the gutters cleaned in order to prevent an ice dam. Trim the tree branches to avoid a fall under heavy snow and ice.

Extreme winter can take place anytime from June to August. Keep the contacts of emergency supplies saved with you. This won’t charge much as heating costs rely on the number of services you need. Just follow the above-mentioned helpful tips to welcome the winter hassle-free.