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Choosing Between HVAC Self-Assessment and Expert Repair

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9 Sep 2020
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Many people wonder whether air conditioning repair service is worth the money when a unit is damaged. While it seems that saving money with a self-assessment is a great bargain, the time and effort required may exceed your expectations. Also, you’ll spend more money in the long run if you’re inexperienced.

In most cases, you should hire an expert HVAC technician and get the job done right. Another option is replacing the unit altogether. If you’re unsure about what to do next, read further.

Tasks You Can Perform Yourself

There are a few simple air conditioning repair procedures you can perform without hiring a professional. The most common ones are listed below.

1) Air Conditioner Refuses to Turn On

There are always a couple of reasons that your AC unit may not turn on.

To begin, assess your thermostat. Do you have it at the correct temperature? Maybe you accidentally switched on the heat at a higher temperature. Do the batteries need replacing? All of these are easy to overlook.

However, if your thermostat appears working fine, go and test your circuit breaker. If this isn’t the correct issue, faulty contactors or some burned-out capacitors may be at fault. In this case, you’ll need an expert to help you.

2) Air Filter Cleaning and Repair

Fixing your air filter can be a simple air purifier maintenance project you should do regularly. Your AC filters capture particles such as pollen, dust, and other debris and stop them from circulating throughout your house.

You must restore your air filter several times a year. The precise life span of one’s filter is dependent upon the sort of air-conditioning unit you’ve got. Some could last a whole calendar year. However, the typical time is roughly ninety days.

Wash your filter by simply carrying out it and flaking it. If you would like to provide it a deep cleaning, soak it for one hour afterward combining equal parts dish soap and water. If a filter is too large to easily fit on your sink, then you might even spray it down with a hose to eliminate any residual debris.

In any case, be certain to turn off your air conditioning equipment while doing this task.

3) Annoying Noises from the Unit

A rattle or clattering noise originating out of your unit translates to several of the components coming loose in the machine. For those who have an external device, then it may that twigs or leaves are finding their way indoors also.

To resolve the issue, switch your unit off and wash out any debris which really should not be there. Then tighten any loose components along with the fan. This ought to remove the noise once you turn back your unit.

When to Consider Hiring a Professional

If your problems don’t involve any of the above, then you probably need a professional air conditioning service right away.

For example, if your electricity bill is too high because of your AC unit, then it’s likely that you have a major problem. It may just be that your unit is too old and needs replacing. However, you could have some sort of leak, which is dangerous for you to deal with yourself.

While dealing with irritating noises can be dealt with yourself, any kind of loud noises such as banging or buzzing is evidence of a serious problem. Turn off your system before you call for service.

Mold can be annoying, but cleaning it up won’t prevent it from coming back. This presents a major risk to both your unit and the health of your household. Deal with this as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

Overall, the difference between you and an HVAC technician is that you can only handle the problems right in front of you, while a technician has the tools and experience necessary to perform more advanced repairs.

Now that you know more about the difference in capabilities between yourself and an expert technician, you can confidently decide on how to deal with any problem that you currently have or might have.