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Benefits of Ducted Gas Heating and Cooling

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28 Feb 2019
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While half of the world is sweltering in heat; Australia is shivering in cold weather – that’s what makes June so unique down under. The weather in Australia determines opposite times of that of the Northern Hemisphere. June is on and so, are the winters. So, dear friends in Sydney and Melbourne, how are your frosty mornings going on? Do you like stepping out of bed where you even can’t feel your toes? Well, a cooling season is not all about making snowmen. Give a thought to your ducted heating systems too!

Let your home go eco-friendly and energy efficient by switching on the ducted system. It is designed to heat a particular room or an entire home. This system is a major investment of your home, which is generally fitted by professionals. But, once installed, you will be happy with the ducted gas heating costs, later on. It helps in keeping your home both warm and cool.

What other reasons can be to install a ducted gas system? You’ll easily get to know about it via benefits or advantages of ducted gas heating and cooling systems.

Here you go-

1) Energy Efficient:

It is the energy efficient type of central heating system to function. Available at reasonable prices, this system operates well than any other space heaters. If there is not enough space under the roof, one can install a ducted gas heating system can through a ceiling.

2) Zoning Preference:

Give a call to gas heater repairs specialists for this. They brilliantly divide the system controls according to the rooms you prefer to use much.

3) Operators Controlling:

Easy to use, the programmable controllers allow you to set the heater to turn off when not required. It gets switched on before you wake up and gets turned off before you leave home.

4) Eco-friendly:

The system efficiently saves energy as it is kinder to the environment.

5) Compatible with All Seasons:

Australia is rich in having all weathers at great temperatures. Thus, residents here are habitual as per the change in season. Thus, availing budget-friendly gas heater services like filter repairing and more remain constant throughout the year. It includes repairs, installation, and maintenance of heat appliances.

6) Flexible:

As per the requirement, it keeps the room heat or cool resulting in running cost down with proper functioning.

7) Cooling in summers:

This heating system can clean the air with better quality of cooling in humid summers.

Depending on the efficiency ranges, ducted heaters are categorised into 5 Star, 4 Star, and 3 Star. The models 4 and 5 stars are lower in running costs and higher in investment while 3 Star regulate temperature by turning on and off as required.

Installing ducted gas heating and cooling systems balance temperature both in winters and summers. It keeps home warm in winters and cool in summers. Well, they can be expensive when going with gas heater servicing than any other heating systems, but they triumph. You know how energy efficient they are, which helps in reducing your energy bills and saves a lot. So, think of a win!