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Benefits Of An Underfloor Heating System

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9 Sep 2020
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Many homeowners are aware of the essentials of a heating system. Winter may seem to be far away, but do not be fooled. Most homeowners are lost for words by either not having a heating system in place or not fixing their already broken down heating system. As Jack Frost prepares to wreak havoc during the winter, it would be prudent to ensure that you have a properly working system. A significant form of such a system is the underfloor heating system. You’ll have to agree that it’s no fun stepping on a chilly floor on a cold winter morning. This article highlights the various types of underfloor heating system, the myths and their benefits.

Electrical Heated Systems

Most of these systems come with an electrical mat that gets fixated under the floor. It majorly relies on electricity to generate the required warmth, which gets distributed across the floorboard. Though it’s expensive, it is preferred by most people since it’s effective.

They vary in terms of wattage (100-200 W) per square meter. The size of wattage will also depend on the following factors;

  • The shape and size of the room
  • The state of insulation which the room is in
  • The state and type of flooring below it
  • The type of flooring that is present on top.

Hydronic or Water Pipe Heating System

It is the cheapest among all the floor heating systems. The hydronic heating system entails a network of pipes running beneath the floor. The heating gets done through natural fuels such as wood, solar or gas through a boiler. Apart from being cheap and eco-friendly, the heating system comes equipped with high-quality controls and components ready for installation.

Air Heated System

The system closely resembles the hydronic heating system; only that the distributed medium is hot air. The system works through the circulation of heated air through a network of fitted pipes under the floor. However, such a system isn’t preferable since it’s not economically friendly.

Myths Associated With Underfloor Heating System

  • Underfloor heating systems are exorbitant than traditional radiators, it may be accurate, but in the long run, they are cheaper in terms of energy and overall system costs compared to conventional radiators.
  • Houses with underfloor heating systems produce less heat- underfloor heating systems do not create a lot of heat compared to radiators. However, the heat produced is enough to sustain a comfortable environment.
  • Underfloor heating systems get technically powered by electricity- As much as this may be true, underfloor heating systems are not wholly dependent on electricity. There are options for using steam and hot water.
  • They are naturally unhealthy- Such claims are untrue since heating systems prevent dust particles from circulating, leading to allergies and other forms of sickness.

Other added advantages of such heating systems include;

  • They come in an extensive or broad portfolio of choices.
  • They are customized depending on your own choice of use.
  • The natural sources they run in such as wood, gas and water make them eco-friendly.


Homeowners should take advantage of the benefits highlighted above. The benefits arising from the usage of such heating systems are universal. However, the source of energy required to power up your heating system depends on your location. You can contact us if you would like to have a discussion to decide which heating system is suitable for your needs. Our heater technicians are well experienced with installing and servicing all types of heating units. Just give us a call on 1300 730 896