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5 Reasons You Should Let Professionals to Deal With Your Air Conditioning

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2 Sep 2018
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Installing your brand-new air conditioning unit may be a task you wish to complete yourself due to saving money or simply being a DIY lover. However, there are dangers involved in at home air conditioning installation and unless you yourself are qualified in this area, it is recommended that you consult a professional.

Forestalling Electrical Danger

The number one reason to avoid installing your air conditioning yourself is the chance of electrical faults occurring. The air conditioning unit requires expert knowledge when it comes to the wiring, particularly if your home has not had air conditioning before. Incorrect wiring could lead to your air conditioner to stop working or more seriously, cause electrical faults especially if the circuit breaker is not installed properly.

Experts installers are trained with the skills needed to accurately and safely set your unit up and avoid dangerous electrical issues in the future.

The Refrigerant Gas Could Be Hazardous

Another health and safety danger that accompanies installing your air conditioner yourself is the risks associated with the refrigerant gas used in the unit. This gas, which starts out as liquid and is compressed by your unit, is responsible for cooling the air which then gets blown into your home and the process of installing it is tricky.

If the gas touches your skin in its liquid state, it is likely to irritate your skin and cause frostbite. If not installed properly and a leak occurs, inhalation of the gas will cause nausea, headaches and perhaps even asphyxiation.

Working With The Hoses And Pipes

You may or may not notice that your air conditioning system is equipped with a large number of hoses and pipes. The seemingly simple job of connecting these is actually a difficult part of air conditioning installation if you lack experience, especially if you are not simply replacing an old unit. Attaching these hoses and pipes incorrectly will result in your air conditioning not working properly.

Taking Care Of The Warranty

There are bound to be wear and tear issues during the lifespan of your air conditioning unit. DIY installation in some cases may void the warranty, which results in you having to bear the costs if something is to go wrong.

This especially occurs if it is found that the problem is related to the way in which your unit was originally installed. Any faults or damage that take place as a result of poor installation on your part, you aren’t likely to be covered for the cost of repair or a new unit.


Ultimately self-installation of your air conditioner is likely to cost more money in the long run. Aside from the costs incurred when your warranty is void, an incorrect installation will result in extra costs if you discover that you have broken apart. Additionally, not all installs are straightforward.

You may require extra parts to allow the unit to properly fit and work in your home, and you run the risk of damaging other fixtures or wiring attached to your home. Each of these issues leads to extra work and more money needed than would have been required to hire someone.


Although handing the install of your new unit may be tempting in order to save money, the dangers and problems you are likely to run into can easily be avoided by hiring QuickAir heating and cooling professionals to do your air conditioning installation. It is more cost effective in the future and safer for you and your family.
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